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Award Winning Year for Anritsu


2012 has been a successful year for Anritsu Industrial Solutions. We have been awarded the “Excellent Food Machine and Materials Prize”, from Nihon Shokuryo Shimbun, the nation’s most popular food journal. The award winning Dual Energy X-Ray Inspection System is known for its ability to improve detection of low density contaminants including small bone fragments within poultry and meat products.  In addition, the DualX further improves the detection metal fragments to levels as small as 0.4mm in size.

The DualX X-Ray Inspection system utilizes dual energy technology to discriminate contaminants from product and includes a variety of features than will impress all facets of the organization from operations to engineering to quality control:

  • High Definition Dual Energy Resolution
  • Easy product learn functionality
  • Flexibility in software
  • Traceability functionality for HACCP programs
  • IP66 Dust and Waterproof Protection Class
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Variable Belt Speed by product recipe
  • Easy to understand operator screens

The KD7416DWZ and KD416DRWZ units were launched in the fall of 2011. Since the release, Anritsu has seen extensive production line success in a variety of applications not previously possible. We will continue to strive for detection perfection with a goal to partner with our customers’ quality control strategies and apply technology to meet and exceed current industry standards.

For more information on the KD74 Series or many of Anritsu’s other products, please go to our website. There you will find all the information you need and much more.

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