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3 Checkweighers for Food Safety


With stringent guidelines set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a company should always have the latest in food checkweighers at its facility. Don’t endanger your company by using checkweighers from 10 years ago that have high scale values and maximum accuracies. Make sure your machines are high accuracy by choosing one or all of the following checkweighers for food safety offered by Anritsu, including:

  • Economy SSVf – Equipped with a highly versatile load cell for balance, dynamic checkweighing can be performed on heavy cartons, bags and canned products.
  • High Accuracy SSVh – Equipped with a high speed and high accurate force balance, every product is measured precisely to ensure each package has the required amount of product in it.
  • Washdown SSVi – Designed for unpackaged foods, this checkweigher has a waterproof exterior for easy cleaning.

For all of your food checkweigher needs, you can depend on Anritsu to have the equipment that meets your needs. We always listen to our customers, and use their feedback in the creation of new lines of checkweighers. If you have used one of these food checkweighers, please give us some feedback by making a comment below.

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