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Newest in Checkweighing Technology


Anritsu, a leading provider in food inspection equipment, is releasing the newest in food checkweigher technology. The new line of checkweighers includes high accuracy checkweighing, waterproof technology and versatility. Productivity has been improved on these new models. Productivity has been enhanced through SMF and many other features. The weighing and rejecting technology now has increased accuracy and stability through significantly enhanced weigh cell features. The new machines also have improved operability with a Smart Guide system. This navigation system allows for a simpler user interface. All of our new checkweighing machines meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability to ensure your food is inspected well. These checkweighers are designed to ensure the highest accuracy but also versatility and easy clean-up. They will provide navigation to help ensure operation checking is performed properly, an E-Daily report for easier log management and much more. These highly advanced machines also support up to 200 different products with 11 different languages available for selections. Check out all the newest checkweighers that Anritsu has to offer. The many new features of the machine will be sure to increase your productivity.

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