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X-Ray Documentation

Our X-Ray Inspection Systems are the perfect solution for your business if you need to detect contaminants that are usually not discovered by other technologies. Our X-Ray technology can find foreign materials or other packaging anomalies that others may have missed.

Technical Notes

Virtual Weight 

Relative mass is the value which the difference of density between x-ray images of the reference master product and the inspected product is converted into the mass.

X-Ray and Metal Detection Technology: Benefits of Using Both 

X-Ray technology has advanced detection beyond the capabilities of traditional metal detection yet there are instances where metal detection is a compliment to using x-ray. Learn more in this Anritsu Technical document.

X-Ray Inspection of Bulk Flow Products Technical Note 

Inspection of bulk products with x-ray technology is ideal for detection of lower density contaminants found in various products. This Technical Note explains how this system is different from the other designs and what products are ideal for bulk product inspection?

Single Energy HD versus Dual Energy DualX Technology 

This Technical Note is a quick review of detection differences between standard but industry leading HD X-Ray Technology versus our new advanced DualX HD X-Ray technology.

Product Brochures

Product Brochures 

White Papers

XR75 DualX Poultry DRWZ Sell Sheet

X-Ray Inspection and Food Compliance

X-Ray Detection Buyer's Guide: How to maximize Performance, ROI & OEE 

Top 5 Considerations When Upgrading From Metal Detection To X-Ray Inspection 

X-Ray Sell Sheet


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X-Ray Reference Density Chart 



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