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X-Ray: Anritsu Industrial Solutions

Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA provides food contaminant detection and food quality inspection systems for production lines. Detection of physical hazards within food is achieved with x-ray technology, metal contamination in packaged products via dual wave metal detection technology and packaging issues are detected with checkweighing systems or x-ray systems. With over 35 years experience and over 90,000 installations globally, Anritsu is the global leader in food quality inspection systems. (Call us at 847-419-9729)

X-Ray: Anritsu Industrial Solutions

Anritsu X-Ray Technology offers many food safety solutions.

X-Ray: Anritsu High Accuracy X-Ray Systems

Anritsu HD and UltraHD X-Ray Technology offers World Class detection of contaminants to levels never seen before. Protect Your Brand, Your Reputation and Your Customers with the installation of an Anritsu X-Ray System.

X-Ray: Easy Cleaning and Disassembly Video

Demonstration of the simple, under one minute, no tool, dis-assembly of the x-ray system conveyor for cleaning and maintenance.

X-Ray: Anritsu IP66 Xray Washdown

X-ray washdown demonstration.

X-Ray: Bulk Flow Almond and Nut Inspection

Anritsu Bulk Flow Xray Inspection Movie Almonds: Bulk flow x-ray inspection of nuts, almonds, potatoes, vegetables and fruits provides detection of contaminants not seen by other technologies. Metal, glass and stones are easily detected at levels not seen by vision technology and seen within the products itself.

Anritsu X-Ray Bulk Flow Meat Installation

Bulk Flow - Food x-ray inspection demonstration with meat.

X-Ray: KD7337 Large Format X-Ray System Video

Checkweighers: SV Series

Our checkweighers offer exceptional safety and productivity for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our SSV series can weigh up to 310 products / minute with a scale value of 1 milligram (.001 grams) and a maximum accuracy of ±.01 g. We offer checkweighing systems highly suitable for your company’s needs. To learn more, please see our food and pharmaceutical checkweighers below or call us at 866-200-5276.

duw-H Metal Contamination Detector

Our food metal detectors can simultaneously detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Anritsu metal detectors are highly accurate, robust, and easy to clean. With over 40,000 industrial metal detectors installed globally, our expertise and experience are unmatched. We offer versatile metal detection solutions for the food industry. To learn more, please see our models below or call us at 866-200-5276.