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Human Resources Development

Human Resource Development


For the Anritsu Group, where technology is a core competence, the hiring and development of human resources capable of leading technical innovation is a key management issue.

With that in mind, the Domestic Anritsu Group recruits both new graduates and mid-career employees regardless of gender, nationality or sex for all positions, regardless of whether they are technical or administrative. The Overseas Anritsu Group essentially takes the same approach, although local hiring by Group companies must comply with prevailing legal and regulatory requirements.

We are focused on continuously developing employment plans that prioritize diversity in both education and training programs to support the independent growth of our employees and implementing it fairly and transparently. We maintain an employee award system and means for capturing employee thoughts since fostering employee engagement is vital to human resource retention and motivation for growth.


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Under the Chief Human Resource and Administration Officer at Anritsu Corporation, the Human Resource and Administration Department and Domestic Anritsu Group Human Resource Departments develop employment plans and educational training systems in line with the goal of training employees who will contribute to the development of a global society through our businesses.

Our hiring committee, chaired by the vice president and chief human resource and administration officer, reviews and discusses recruitment policies and implementation plans. Through discussions with business division leaders on the committee and managers, the committee continually works toward securing the quantity and quality of human resources required by the Company.

Our level-based training programs are periodically revised in line with the formulation of a GLP and the opinions of in-house companies and Group companies. Also, division leaders and the Human Resource Administration Department hold meetings to exchange information on human resource reviews to introduce the necessary training programs and encourage employee engagement.