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Future developments for IoT/5G

IoT/5G: The Future of CommunicationSolutions for an age combining wired and wireless technology

Social innovations brought about by IoT/5G

Research is currently underway for 5G, the fifth generation of mobile technology. This technology will be even faster than 4G, with the industry aiming for transfer speeds of over 10Gbps, around 1000 times the capacity of LTE and a rise in M2M communication, leading to more devices and a wider range of services. If these efforts are successful, mobile broadband lines may even replace home lines.
This 5G system will be used to run what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT) as it is expected to allow users to connect all kinds of everyday items to the Internet and enable auto recognition, auto control and remote measurement. In addition to automotive technology such as the self-driving cars slated for release in 2020, IoT is expected to lead to major social innovation in a wide range of fields including medicine, healthcare, transportation, energy, industry and agriculture.

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Making use of Anritsu’s experience in both wireless and wired communications technology

Previous testing methods are of no use in this new branch of technology, creating new needs in the testing field. Anritsu makes sure to be the first to ascertain these needs and provide our customers with solutions.
5G/IoT combines wireless and wired communications technology to an even greater degree than before. Anritsu has over 120 years of experience in both of these areas, during which we have built relationships with customers in a wide range of fields in the communication and information industry, from telecommunication operators and device manufacturers to the manufacturers of semiconductors used in communication devices. This has provided Anritsu with an overall view of the market, enabling us to provide the right solutions to issues in every field involved.

Delivering tomorrow’s IoT solutions today

We have already rolled out various IoT solutions including connected home testing solutions for the home automation technology that will be developed with IoT, automotive test solutions that will contribute to the development of technology such as wireless connectivity and driving support systems, test solutions for R&D in the IoT and M2M test market and solutions to meet the development and testing needs of IoT manufacturers. We will continue to ascertain our customers’ strategies, the position they are trying to reach in the market and the technology they will need in order to achieve their aims, and provide them with the technology they need in order to do so.

Anritsu's Solutions for IoT

Initiatives for the 5G age

5G consists of the current LTE/LTE-Advanced system with some new technology added, so while this new branch of technology has created new testing needs, they can be met by our thorough knowledge and comprehensive know-how about existing technology.
Anritsu opened the door for LTE technology and developed cutting-edge technology for LTE-Advanced, including the world’s first signaling tester that could verify connections with a transfer speed up to 1Gbps and conformance testers to verify that devices comply with standards.
In addition to millimeter-wave measurement technology, we have already developed the core competence required for measurement of wired 5G technology, including measuring instruments for 100 and 400Gbps connections.
Anritsu is also developing technology for modulation analysis and waveform analysis for 5G devices. The industry aims to launch commercial 5G services around 2020, and there is no doubt that Anritsu is playing an important role in this.

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Anritsu's Solutions for 5G

Continuing to work with our customers to bring about social innovations

Mobile broadband systems provide a service infrastructure that is a driving force in social innovations. Anritsu has constantly spearheaded each new generation of information and communications technology, and our aims for the future are no different. We will continue to work with our customers to create new visions and build new societies. We will continue our current trajectory to help create a safe, secure and comfortable future for people around the world. Watch this space!

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