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Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Test


Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Transmitter Test: Anritsu wont let you down

Guide to Spectrum Analysis

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With TPMS now becoming a legal requirement on all new cars in more countries globally, manufacturers need to add additional test resources to ensure this new legislation is met. These safety critical systems depend on accurate and reliable data, transmitted in extreme conditions.


The current solution to this simple, but demanding, measurement involves very expensive Spectrum Analysis equipment. To get the required specification for this test a high end unit is usually required which will undoubtedly include far more functionality than this test requires and have a price tag to match.


Anritsu has developed the MS2830A Signal Analyzer as the perfect low-cost test solution to meet these needs by focusing only on the required performance and functions for testing TPMS transmission signals. Using an innovative approach to a common problem Anritsu has reduced the cost of introducing a key device in assuring traffic safety and reliability.


Keep reading for more information, and download the white paper to find out exactly how the MS2830A can offer such performance at such a low price.


Real Time Spectrum Analysis

Although a real-time spectrum analyzer for monitoring signal changes over time can measure the burst FSK modulation signals used by TPMS quickly and accurately, it is far too expensive and has too many functions (over-specification) as a measuring instrument for TPMS transmitter production lines. Anritsu's MS2830A Signal Analyzer offers the same or better measurement speed and accuracy as a real-time spectrum analyzer with optimum functions such as the 10 MHz Analysis Bandwidth option for testing TPMS transmitters but at only one-third the cost of a general, real-time spectrum analyzer.


Sweep Type Spectrum Analyzer

Measuring burst FSK modulation signals with a sweep-type spectrum analyzer requires a very long time*, which increases the inspection cost. By using FFT technology, Anritsu's MS2830A Signal Analyzer has the same measurement accuracy, but cuts the measurement time by 1000 times, helping improve mass-production volumes and yield with as few lines as possible.


  • High-Speed Measurement: Cuts Inspection Cost by Cutting Measurement Time by 1000 times
  • High-Accuracy Measurement: Stable Production Though Improved Yield


*Measurement Time = Sweep Time (Burst Time x Trace Point No.)


Measurement (Sweep) Time 100 s: Inspection time cut by 1000 times* to 0.1 s
Burst time: 100 ms trace points 1001


* Compared to sweep-type spectrum analyzers


TPMS Transmitter Test Example


World Class Measurement Speed Frequency error and level are measured simply by capturing one FSK modulation burst signal.


  • High speed
  • High performance
  • Low cost
  • Easy expandability
  • Low power consumption

Download the White paper or read the leaflet for more TPMS specific information

Find out how the MS2830A offers such a high level of performance for such a great price. Download the White Paper - New approaches to spectrum analysis deliver cost and yield gains. Just answer the questions below to download your copy.


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