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5G-based IoT(5G/IoT)

Main Visual of 5G Based IoT

5G-based IoT Testing with Anritsu

Implementing the key low latency, fast/large capacity, and simultaneous multiple connection features of 5G will result in new social innovations in many fields, including wireless/wired communications, networks, and data centers. Anritsu’s fast, optimized, high-quality test solutions based on our partnerships with clients developing 5G terminals, chipsets and modules are helping cut 5G terminal release times.

Anritsu promotes development of social infrastructure by offering stable and reliable measurement solutions for 5G-based IoT (5G/IoT) fields based on its:

  • Wide product line for wired to wireless applications and core technologies leveraging rich testing experience
  • Powerful customer support and leading mobile broadband measurement technologies

5G-based IoT (5G/IoT) Applications

5G Based IoT Market

Mobile operators worldwide are planning 5G service rollout in the near future and some have started service already. The spread of 5G is not limited only to smartphones and will impact different world markets and industries as well as both wireless and wired network infrastructure. Moreover, world operators with 5G frequency-band licenses are running 5G-related proof-of-concept tests in many different business fields, including automotive, medical/healthcare, security, insurance, construction, distribution, industry, farming/forestry/fisheries, tourism, retail/services, entertainment (virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality(MR)), public transport (rail and bus), public infrastructure (road and bridge monitoring), etc. This fusion of 5G with the Cloud, Fog, data centers, AI, and edge computing, as well as with communications, is expected to generate new and unforeseen services and applications.

Industries Introducing 5G/IoT-based Cloud and AI Applications

Automotive of 5G based IoT
Accelerating development of the Connected Car concept and self-driving vehicles as well as market entry by large businesses, such as Google, is expected to create a personal-transport revolution with fewer traffic accidents and less road congestion plus better roadside services.)
Medical/Health Care
Medical of 5G based IoT
High-quality medical care will be available even for less-populated and remote regions, such as islands, using remote monitoring, with use cases in fields such as better healthcare support for seniors.
Security of 5G based IoT
The spread of high-resolution security monitoring on the street and in stores will increase, helping reduce crime and assure security through facial recognition of suspicious persons.
Insurance of 5G based IoT
In-vehicle cameras and sensors quantifying driving statistics (speed, distance between vehicles, driving hours, etc.) will help improve insurance services.
Construction and Distribution
Construction of 5G based IoT
Remote control of heavy equipment and monitoring of delivery truck location will improve quality management and safety in industries with labor shortages, and help with operator training.
Industry (Industrial IoT - IIoT)
Factory of 5G based IoT
5G connections between industrial plants will enable realtime control as well as safe and secure remote operation of hazardous works, such as steelworks blast furnaces.
Agriculture (Smart Farming )
Agriculture of 5G based IoT
Agriculture will become more efficient with less waste based on analysis and integration using not only conventional farming experience but also data on growing conditions, weather, commodity market trends, etc.
Entertainment of 5G based IoT
Realistic imaging using all senses based on VR/AR/MR technologies will revolutionize gaming, tourism, sports events, etc.

For New 5G Market Entrants

Customer of 5G based IoT

The 3GPP 5G standard defines mobile and wireless communications specifications and test items in the same way as for LTE, LTE-Advanced, Cat-M, and NB-IoT. To assure network quality when connecting to 5G communications networks, mobile terminal communications carriers and manufacturers must confirm compliance with the 3GPP mobile terminal specifications (RF performance, test specifications, etc.) and with national radio legislation.

Consequently, new makers offering 5G products and services must assure the necessary compliance before they can enter markets in the automotive, medical, etc., fields. For example, specialist measuring instruments and test systems for guaranteeing the performance of communications chipsets and modules used in 5G products must themselves be tested for compliance with the 3GPP standard (messaging, protocols, RF performance).

*Specialist measuring instruments and test systems: Conformance test systems, base station simulators, RF testers, etc.

Care is required even for use of unlicensed radio services, such as WLAN and Bluetooth, for end-user IoT products and services. There are standards organizations regulating the specifications and performance for each of these wireless communications technologies. IoT products supporting both WLAN and Bluetooth must also meet the defined standards.
Click here for details of WLAN and Bluetooth test solutions.

Anritsu Support for 3G, 4G, and 5G-based IoT (5G/IoT) Fields

5G based IoT Contribution

With its wide line of test solutions and partnerships with key market players, Anritsu is a world-leader in support for development, manufacturing, and maintenance of wireless and wired systems in the 3G and 4G markets.
By leveraging its experience in 3G and 4G, as well as supporting key communications players entering the growing 5G market, such as mobile operators, and vendors of chipsets, communications modules, terminals, transmission equipment, etc., Anritsu helps customers catch early market growth by partnering with them to offer the best high-quality test solutions for 5G product development, manufacturing, maintenance, and service.


Anritsu Products for 5G Market

Anritsu’s deep customer partnerships help support its wide line of test solutions for the 3G, 4G, and now the 5G markets. Some usage examples and Anritsu 5G test solutions are shown below.

  • MT8000A used by key makers of 5G chipsets, modules, and terminals, test houses, mobile operators
  • ME7873NR and ME7834NR used by key makers of terminals, and test houses, mobile operators
  • ME7834NR used as GFC (Global Certification Forum) approved 5GNR test platform
  • MT1000A used by key mobile operators for 5G base station installation and maintenance
Click here for details of 5G test solutions.


Anritsu has various test solutions for each of the cellular, automotive, and IoT markets, and welcomes all enquiries from customers planning development of 5G products.