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OTDR - ACCESS Master with Touchscreen

Easy OTDR Operation for Everyone

Anritsu OTDR, Access Master MT9085 Series

The ACCESS Master MT9085 series keeps the userful rotary knob and hard-key operations of previous models while adding a large 8-inch, wide, touchscreen LCD for intuitive OTDR operations. Using the Fiber Visualizer functions with at-a-glance Pass/Fail measurement results evaluation supports efficient optical fiber I&M by both experienced and first-time field engineers.

[Video] ACCESS Master MT9085 Series 2 minute 01 seconds with BGM
This video explains how to use the ACCESS Master MT9085 series Fiber Visualizer function in realtime for optical fiber position specification.




Easy to use for everyone, User friendly operation

Useful combination Touchscreen, Rotary Knob and Hard Key

The ACCESS Master MT9085 series is operated using the built-in, wide, 8-inch touchscreen, rotary knob and dedicated hard keys. The latter two are especially useful for analysis using the 2-point and LSA (4-point) methods requiring manual operations described in job specifications. On the other hand, measurement results can be saved easily just by touching the screen and inputting the file name. And the pressure-sensitive touchscreen even supports input without removing work gloves.

MT9085 Series, Touch Screen and Rotary Knob/ Hard key

At-a-Glance Understanding with Fiber Visualizer Evaluation Functions

The Fiber Visualizer functions display fiber events (far end, PON splitters, optical connectors, splices, etc.) as an easy-to-understand schematic using icons and Pass/Fail evaluation results. Event measurement contents are displayed by touching each icon, making optical fiber I&M work easy even for first-time field engineers.

MT9085 Series, Fiber Visualizer Function
MT9085 Series, Fiber Visualizer Function Error
On selecting a red icon (indicating a threshold has been exceeded) and click the"?". A description will appear with details of possible causes of the fault.

Fiber Visualizer automatically sets the optimal measurement conditions for accurate event detection and loss analysis.

Three measurement functions on one display

MT9085 series can be used without switching screen for OTDR, Visual Light Source Test, and Optical power meter.

MT9085 Series, Simultaneous OTDR, Optical Power Meter and Visual Light Source Use

Easy Results Input and Saving

The MT9085 series has a matrix file name input function for pre-registering many different keywords, making it easy to input file names using a few touches and helping prevent file name errors.

MT9085 Series, Easy Results Input and Saving

Selecting the report formats.

Usually, measured results must be presented in an easy-to-read report format. In addition to saving measurement results, the MT9085 series can capture screens and create PDF-format reports without requiring a PC. Additionally, results can be shared with PCs via WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB memory interfaces. Specialist PC software tools can also be used for more detailed back-office waveform analysis and reporting, based on measured results.

MT9085 series, Reports
MT9085 series, Reports
Waveform analysis and report preparation for NetWorks
Waveform Analysis and Report Creation using NetWorks

Excellent OTDR Operability

Accurate Event Detection

Key OTDR function are excellent short dead zone of ≤0.8 m and high dynamic range of 46 dB, supporting measurements ranging from short fibers of a few meters to long-distance fibers of more than 200 km. The superior OTDR performance coupled with a unique Anritsu detection algorithm enables high-accuracy detection of events, and loss and reflection attenuation measurements.

MT9085 Series, Accurate Event Detection
MT9085 Series, Fiber Visualizer Function

Realtime Measurements Using Two Sweep Modes

MT9085 series has two modes: a high-speed sweep mode, which detects the deflection generated in a short period of time (Minimum 0.2 seconds) of an optical fiber, and a high-SNR sweeping mode, which allows real-time waveform confirmation while suppressing noise. This allows the optical fiber to instantly detect slight bending loss.

MT9085 Series, Realtime Measurement on the high S/M sweep mode
MT9085 Series, Realtime Measurement on the high S/M sweep mode_Zoom

Optimized for Verifying PON Splitters Up to 1 × 128 Count

Many OTDRs claim to be able to test splitter-based, passive optical networks (PON) but the MT9085 delivers in a way others wish they could. With its high dynamic range and quick data acquisition, the MT9085 provides unparalleled resolution of single or closely spaced, cascaded splitters up to an industry-leading 1 × 128 count.

Typical PON 1 × 64 count System Measurement from the customer premise.

Other functions include:

  • Multicore Fiber Measurement
  • Bi-Directonal Measurement
  • Optical Communications Check Function
  • Save Data for Up To 50,0000 Waveforms
Field engineers are supported by a full range of powerful functions.

Optical Fiber I&M for Every Application

From Core and Metro Networks to Mobile, FTTH, and Data Centers

Optical fiber is used for most wired networks and many new optical fiber circuits are being installed, especially for mobile networks and between data centers (DCI).
Using the MT9085 series simplifies this I&M work.

MT9085 Series, From Core and Metro Networks to Mobile, FTTH, and Data Centers

Optical Fiber Evaluation

Generally, optical fiber lines are evaluated using Fiber-end inspection, and optical power/loss and OTDR measurements. The all-in-one MT9085 series supports all these tests.

Optical Fiber End-face Inspection
 MT9085 Series, Optical Fiber End-face Inspection
Scratches and dirt on the ferrule end face of connectors is a main cause of signal transmission loss and reflections, which severely degrade transmission quality. Moreover, the optical fiber end face requires inspection and cleaning to assure accurate OTDR and optical power/loss measurements.
MT9085 Series, Fiber Scope
Using the MT9085 series in combination with the Video Inspection Probe G0306B external option (sold separately) supports end-face inspections.
Optical power/ Loss Measurement
MT9085 Series, Optical power/ Loss Measurement
Optical power and loss measurement is a key basic function for confirming the optical fiber installation condition and fault status. The OTDR measurement module functions as a light source outputting laser light. The optical power meter function built into a dedicated port option supports optical loss measurements (OLTS) using one tester.
OTDR Measurement
MT9085 Series, Fiber Visualizer Function
The models in the series support different wavelengths matching the measurement environment. The Fiber Visualizer function displays fiber events as schematic icons for at-a-glance confirmation of spices and connectors along the fiber length with automatic Pass/Fail evaluation of fiber loss and reflection attenuation. Moreover, manual analysis of loss and reflection attenuation using a combination of the rotary knob, hard keys and marker operations assures the same easy operability as previous ACCESS Master series.
Visual Light Source Test
MT9085 Series, Visible Light Source
The visual light source is used when monitoring light leaking from the optical fiber core at fiber breaks

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