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One-button network commissioning tests and easy network installation and maintenance

MT1000A/MT1040A Network Master Automation Test Solution

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 Reducing the Installation Burden by Automating Onsite Work

mt1000amt1100a-crossManual testing requires setting of various parameters. Onsite testing using the MT1000A/MT1040A/MT1100A is simplified by first creating a scenario file describing the test sequence.



 Merits of Introducing Automated Testing

Before Introducing Automated Testing

Before Introducing Automated Testing

This requires the field technician to follow the written test instructions to make the test settings, run the measurements, and evaluate the test results.

  • Multiple tests at one location
  • Different applications for each test
  • Pass/fail evaluation of test results for each application

The following problems may arise at actual testing as a result of the above.
  1. Need to set multiple parameters for each test
    → Risk of operation errors and poor work efficiency
  2. Different pass/fail evaluation standards for each measurement requiring referencing of manuals
    → Poor work efficiency
  3. This requires the field technician to have sufficient training beforehand

After Introducing Automated Testing

After Introducing Automated Testing

Use of the MT1000A/MT1040A/MT1100A automatic test function solves these problems.

  1. One-button testing for multiple measurements
    → Higher work efficiency
  2. Minimized manual settings cut risk of operation mistakes
  3. Automated pass/fail evaluation simplifies work
In addition, the work can be started immediately because the field technician can immediately understand the work contents after only short training.


 Automated testing workflow

Automated testing workflow


 Scenario Creation Tools

Traditionally, the operator creates a job ticket explaining the required tests to be completed with simple and clear step-by-step requirements for the technician running the tests. Commonly the job ticket is provided either as a paper hard-copy or PDF, this work procedure can now be registered in the MT1000A/MT1040A using the free Scenario Edit Environment Kit MX100003A (SEEK) software for PC, with an intuitive GUI helping lighten the operators workload and ensuring all required testing is completed by the engineer. Automation supports creation of test scenarios without expertise in program language minimizing complexity and user error.


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