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Azimuth Case Studies for Test Labs

Case Studies from the Real World

Azimuth Systems is a leading provider of wireless test solutions for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 4G wireless technologies like LTE and 802.16m. Azimuth's test solutions are used by the world's foremost wireless semiconductor companies, device manufacturers, infrastructure vendors, and service providers to speed time-to-market and improve wireless IP performance. Azimuth's test solutions simplify laboratory performance and certification testing of mobile IP devices and networks designed to support data, voice, and video applications.

Test Laboratories

Wireless service test lab success is based on two fundamentals: accuracy and efficiency. The leading and most profitable labs rapidly deliver test results that are always correct. Accuracy and efficiency rely on automation. These labs are often contracted by infrastructure, device, and silicon vendors to develop and perform certification, interoperability, and performance testing during the development and deployment phases of the product life cycle. To satisfy their customers, the labs must rapidly deliver accurate results. Azimuth's test platforms, RadioProof™ RF enclosures, automation software, and automated test suites combine to deliver accurate, automated results in hours, eliminating inconsistencies and anomalies due to interference or manual interpretation of results.

Leading test labs use Azimuth's test solutions to:

  • Perform automated Wi-Fi certification and precertification for 802.11a/b/g/n–based access points, client devices and handsets.
  • Develop and deliver customized automated interoperability and performance test plans.
  • Run automated vendor specific equipment acceptance/certification programs.

The following examples illustrate the circumstances our test lab customers have encountered in testing their products and the successful outcomes Azimuth has enabled.

These real-world examples include brief customer profiles and the testing challenges met with Azimuth solutions, while preserving the anonymity in each case.

Example #1

Customer Profile

A leading test lab

Customer Challenge

  • Automate precertification and performance testing.

Key Questions

  1. Can profits and customer satisfaction be increased with an automated, controlled environment test platform?
  2. Can the Azimuth AzCert 802.11n Wi-Fi precertification solution provide competitive differentiation and advantage?

Azimuth's Solution

Azimuth's fully automated precertification solution for the Wi-Fi Alliance 802.11n draft 2.0 certification program easily overlays onto the official test-bed and test configuration, providing full automation of the setup, run, and results interpretation of the entire test plan without changing a thing.

As a result:

  • Automated precertification tests run in hours as opposed to days, allowing for more tests to be done in a week/month.
  • Customer satisfaction has increased since test results are delivered sooner and the number of "false issues" found has decreased thanks to the automation and controlled environment.
  • Significant cost savings have been realized as the learning curve for test operators is reduced.
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