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Anritsu Adds a New Gigabit Ethernet Module to the Ever Growing List of Test Applications for the CMA5000

CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet module allows cost effective testing of today's complex converged Ethernet networks.

Anritsu Instruments Company, a subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of operational support solutions for advanced and converged networks, announced today the availability of a new Gigabit Ethernet module for the CMA5000.

Building on the success of the widely deployed CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet test application, the new Anritsu CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet module allows cost effective testing of today’s complex converged Ethernet networks. The module is designed to meet today’s test requirements with the ability to grow and solve tomorrows testing challenges.

Thanks to the new smaller light weight module design the CMA5000 allows for multiple modules in the small bay adapter. In addition this design also allows for extended battery life due to the low power draw of the module.

“The targeted test applications of the CMA5000 allow for quick and easy test setup to ensure proper commissioning and turn up of the network” says Jason Thomas, product manager at Anritsu. “The CMA5000 not only performs the required commissioning tests but automates the process through an Auto search function which decreases test time but still provides the accuracy that is needed”. In addition the powerful network troubleshooting features allow for efficient troubleshooting to decrease down time of the network.

The new Gigabit Ethernet module for the CMA5000, shows our commitment to providing Service Providers and Integrators with the robust, dependable test equipment that they need to meet today’s testing challenges.

CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet module highlights:
• Small light weight single slot module
• Easy to use graphical user interface
• RFC 2544 Master/slave functionality to ensure ease of use and accuracy
• Industry standard SFP optics
• Professional and comprehensive report generation

About CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet:
The CMA5710 Gigabit Ethernet application is a single slot module that can be used in any CMA5000. The Gigabit Ethernet test module enables testing of 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet networks. The module provides 2 optical (SFP) and 2 electrical (RJ45) ports. The module is specifically designed to facilitate installation and maintenance of Ethernet networks. For installation, the module provides RFC2544 test functions including: Throughput, Latency and Frame Loss tests. For maintenance and troubleshooting the module provides complete, non-intrusive monitoring capabilities and presents comprehensive statistics to give insight into the network's health and status.

The new CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet module will be available for delivery in April 2007.

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