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Consulting Services

maximize your investment


Consulting Services

Anritsu’s Business Value Services (BVS) enable you to improve your business by optimizing cost and increasing revenue and customer loyalty. Our service portfolio helps maximize your return on investment in Anritsu standard products and enables provisioning of the valuable information driving your business decisions.

Our Service Portfolio

  • Managed Services
  • Professional Services
  • Customization and Integration
  • Training

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Key Benefits

Consulting Services Benefits

  • Increase ROI
  • Optimize customer business processes
  • Know-how sharing from experience based on multiple operators
  • Leverage big data analytics architecture for integrating 3rd party data, CEM business cases, roaming and more
Key Features

Consulting Services Features

  • Managed Services

  • BVS Managed Services provide customers with the operational assistance to run their business. Experienced resources will be of assistance in the day-to-day operation, enabling operators to focus on using the MasterClaw system without having to spend time on maintaining it.

    Managed Services will act as the central point of contact between MasterClaw users and the various company departments that maintain and administer the telecom network in general. If a network change requires an update in the MasterClaw configuration, Managed Services will handle the required implementation and coordinate with the departments involved. Potential bottlenecks will be highlighted before they occur to ensure an ongoing high availability and top performance of the system. Managed Services include a reporting tool that provides an overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) previously agreed upon, and are reviewed on a regular basis.

  • Professional Services

  • BVS Professional Services address specific needs and implement business solutions, providing tailored best practice advises and recommendations. The services can be performed on site or remotely over a predefined period of time, and cover the range from traditional 2G all the way up to LTE.

    Professional Services provide solutions that do not just centre on MasterClaw but around the business, helping customers to make the most of their network investment. Customers can benefit from our core knowledge and turn our Multi-Dimensional Service Assurance solution into a uniquely competitive tool for them, allowing for increased revenue, improved service and customer satisfaction, as well as superior quality delivered to their customers. BVS consultants offer Network Performance Management and Optimization services, where an assessment and benchmarking of the network’s health and service quality is done. Anritsu experts work closely with operators to improve performance issues and meet their business goals.

  • Training

  • BVS Training courses are offered to customers for improving their MasterClaw System knowledge and skills, making the deployed Anritsu’s solution more valuable for them. Customers can choose among a set of pre-defined courses matching specific needs, or they can make their own customized course agreeing on the training content and duration together with Anritsu. Product and Solution trainings are supported by workshops to analyze customers' business challenges and define guidelines and recommendations on how to address those challenges effectively.

  • Customization & Integration Services

  • Your network can seem vast and complex, providing you with more data than you could ever analyse. Anritsu experts can help you sort out all the clutter by customizing MasterClaw platform and adapting to your needs and process. Select the specific areas of your interest, or let us suggest areas of customization, and our consultants will customize the system to meet your exact needs.

    MasterClaw is an open platform enabling the integration of 3rd party data in the analytics environment. Let Anritsu manage the complexity of your different data sources giving a unique access point to the valuable information in your environment.