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Device Development

The device development center mainly develops optical communications devices and ultrafast electron devices. It develops excellent devices using Anritsu’s unique crystal growth processes, micro-fabrication, and modularization as core technologies supported by compound semiconductor technologies to increase the performance and functions of Anritsu measurement solutions and help growth in the communications and measurement fields.


Optical Devices

In the growing optical communications field supporting ever-increasing network traffic, Anritsu is a world leader in 1.48-µm semiconductor lasers for driving optical amplifiers. We are also working on the development of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) and gain chips for tunable light sources. The device development center is also active in other fields where we have developed the super-luminescent diode (SLD) for low-coherence light sources, and the distributed feedback laser diode (DFB-LD) for gas detection.

Some optical devices are introduced here 

Ultrafast Electron Devices

One key to securing high-quality communications is ultrafast electron devices for driving the optical devices used to increase network speeds. With the future increases in frequency, the need for ultrafast electron devices seems likely to increase, in turn necessitating development of faster electronic devices fabricated using compound semiconductors for communications and measurement systems. This will require R&D into technologies supporting both excellent waveform quality and high operating speed, such as various driver ICs using heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT), high-performance devices, amplifiers, etc.

Ultrafast Electron Devices
Some ultrafast electron devices are introduced here 

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