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On track to a brighter future

Social changes surrounding the food industry in Japan

Providing Food SafetyCheckweighers, inspection systems and more from a world-class partner in quality assurance solutions

Beginning with size measurement technology

Anritsu Infivis provides quality assurance solutions for the food and pharmaceutical fields, such as checkweighers and inspection systems. We began our product quality assurance business with the aim of becoming a global quality assurance partner.
This arm of our business began over 50 years ago, when we developed an electronic micrometer in 1961. This device measures dimensions such as the height, level difference and thickness of objects. Anritsu decided to build on its work in building and expanding communication infrastructure through measuring instruments and communication equipment. We began developing products with our electronic micrometer, with the cultivation of new private markets in mind. One such product was our checkweigher, which combined an electronic micrometer with a scale. This was released in 1964 after extensive development work.

  • Electronic micrometerElectronic micrometer
  • CheckweigherCheckweigher

From checkweighers to inspection systems

Our checkweigher business grew steadily as Japan experienced a high degree of economic growth. We continued to work on technological innovations in this area, releasing a metal detector with a magnetic sensor in 1981. We continued adding features and improving the performance of this and our checkweighers, developing our quality assurance business around these two focus points. We built a strong position in the food and pharmaceutical production fields with products such as our automatic electronic scale, which we developed in 1994 to branch into the weight measurement field.
In 2000, we were the first Japanese manufacturer to successfully develop an X-ray inspection system. The system vastly expanded the possibilities for detection of foreign objects due to its ability to detect items other than metal, including stones, glass and bone.

  • Metal detectorMetal detector
  • X-ray inspection systemX-ray inspection system

Bringing a safe and reliable food supply to people around the world

Anritsu’s food and pharmaceutical quality assurance equipment is developed by Anritsu Infivis, a company in our group that began as our industrial automation division in 1970 and became a company in its own right in 2002. Anritsu Infivis has advanced with the times, developing equipment to meet each new requirement in the fields of food and pharmaceutical quality assurance. It aims to improve its operations even further and contribute to the global market to achieve its medium- and long-term aim of becoming a world-class partner in quality assurance solutions. Anritsu Infivis adopted its current name, a portmanteau of “infinite” and “vision”, on October 1, 2015 to reflect its commitment to new advances. Anritsu Infivis is making new strides to provide people with a fundamental human need: a safe and reliable food supply.

  • Anritsu Infivis’ statement about its new nameAnritsu Infivis’ statement about its new name

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