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Meeting the Need for Fibre Channel Testing

Fibre Channel is a communications standard featuring efficient and fast transfer of the large data volumes required by financial institutions, data centers, etc. Cloud services, using data centers accessed via networks, are increasingly popular for storing data and are generating an increased demand for Fibre Channel testing.

Fibre Channel (FC) is a data communication protocol, or a transport mechanism that transports information between two end points. FC securely, quickly, and efficiently sends/receives data between a computer (host) and a storage device that is typically a disk or disk array; the host can be any computer from a desktop PC to large server or mainframe.

The FC protocol encapsulates other protocols (primarily SCSI – Small Computer System Interface), allowing the host to store and retrieve data to/from the storage device.

Anritsu's Fibre Channel test function is designed to meet this growing need.




- 100G Multirate Module
- 10G Multirate Module
- OTDR Module
Smart All-in-one Optical and Data Measurements



All-in-one Tester combines a BERT (4ch x 28.2 Gbit/s) and sampling oscilloscope (optical 35 GHz; electrical 40 GHz).