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5G, 4G and 3G Testing with Anritsu

Background and Anritsu Approach to 5G

5G, 4G and 3G test Always with ANRITSU

5G Innovation

5G Society

The appearance of fifth-generation (5G) mobile systems using different technologies than previous 3G and 4G (LTE) systems, such as inclusion of both wireless and wired technologies, is driving large network (social infrastructure) innovations.
This 5G innovation is accelerating developments in various industrial fields (utilization 5G), especially in the automotive industry supporting self-driving vehicles and the "connected car". In the 5G-based Internet of Things (IoT), as shown in the above figure, in addition to automotive applications, medical, security, construction (remote control), entertainment, agriculture, etc., applications are also being examined and commercial tests have started already.
Use of 5G is also being examined in other fields, such as health care, tourism, distribution, retail services, forestry/farming/fisheries, insurance, and household electrical goods. For more details about 5G-based IoT, refer to the column titled 'Expanding Fields of 5G-based IoT'.
In addition, the appearance of various new services using 5G is increasing data traffic volumes, which is in turn spreading to wireless access networks, as well as base station and transmission equipment, and data centers.
With a wealth of experience in wireless to wired technologies, Anritsu is ideally positioned to assist with tailored measurement solutions for every field, including 5G, IoT, automotive, data center, and more.

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5G Test Platform

Strengthening 5G signaling and RF Measurements

Anritsu's Advantages

As part of the development of mobile communications systems through 3G and onwards to 4G, Anritsu has worked on evaluating customers' products in cooperation with vendors of chipsets and communications modules as well as terminal makers, helping accumulate know-how about various technologies, including signaling, protocol and RF measurement, and forming the basis of the company's product strengths.
Today, the culmination of these strengths in 5G chipset evaluation is Anritsu's Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A measurement solution(supported both sub-6GHz and millimeter-wave), which has been adopted by world-leading customers including 5G chipset vendors for chipset signaling/protocol evaluations as well as for evaluating RF performance in OTA(Over The Air) environment with chamber.

Customers using the MT8000A to develop commercial 5G products can now get ahead of the competition and shorten TTM.

Click the links below to see Anritsu's advantages in successful 5G signaling/protocol and RF performance tests.

Key 5G Test Factors: What is Signaling?

With previous 3G and even 4G (LTE) mobile systems, calling on a smartphone requires input of the phone number to be called, dialing that number, and answering by the called party, and the connection is cut when either phone is hung up. The handling of this sequence between the calling smartphone, the intervening base stations, and the called smartphone uses a communication procedure called signaling. As an example, information such as communications bandwidth, encoding method, etc is obtained by signaling between the actual smartphone (mobile phone) and base stations. This signaling (protocol) is specified by respective standards for previous 3G and 4G (LTE) systems.

And the 5G signaling specification is also standardized by 3GPP. In addition to having faster speeds, larger capacity, multiple connections, and lower latency, 5G requires much more complex signaling to support coexistence with 4G and previous systems. As a result, for the complex signaling vendors developing 5G chipsets, wireless communications modules, and terminals such as smartphones must need to further evaluate messages (whether notified normally) sent and received in data communication etc. during signaling, as well as RF signal (tests, measurements) during signaling.

Based on its experience in face-to-face consultations to help customers' engineering teams overcome difficulties in deploying 3G and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), Anritsu has accumulated key strengths in various technologies and know-how, including signaling, protocol and RF measurement. Anritsu uses these strengths built over many years to offer customers optimized 5G measurement solutions supporting the fastest time to market (TTM).


5G Measurement Solutions

Anritsu Portfolio for 5G and 5G-based IoT Markets

From wired to wireless, R&D to design, manufacturing to I&M—Anritsu has the solution for every 5G application, including chipsets, communications modules, smartphones, tablets, the “connected car”, home appliances, security cameras, remote equipment operation, sensors (vibration, temperature, etc.), telemedicine, AR/VR base stations, broadcast stations, mobile backhaul/fronthaul, and more, right here.

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Anritsu 5G Solutions Catalog

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Anritsu 5G Contents


Anritsu has various 5G-related videos for public viewing.

Understanding 3GPP 5G - Are you Ready for the 5G New Radio and Testing Challenges of 3GPP Release 15?
Duration: 00:59:42
Release Date: 14/05/2018

Understanding 3GPP 5G - Are you Ready for the 5G New Radio and Testing Challenges of 3GPP Release 15?

The webinar focuses on the latest 5G standards as defined by the latest 3GPP Release 15, considering in detail the architecture requirements of 5G core network (NGC) and 5G New Radio Air interface (5G-NR RAN), as well as the implementation and testing challenges they present.

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Anritsu has various 5G-related documents, Web pages, etc.

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Anritsu Core message for 5G market

Anritsu has provided optimal measurement solutions for communication so far with the development of its technology. Today, users are demanding more advanced, reliable and diverse services, and 5G technology is trying to realize that requirement as "People, ecosystem that things connect with network".
Via 3G, the communications develop into LTE-Advanced Pro as an extended 4G, and 5G added on 4G are not only advanced voice and data communication, but also expanding its scope to IoT (Internet of Things) where things are connected to the network, Automotive represented by automatic driving, and cloud services that are backbone of these various applications.
Anritsu has cultivated technology and experience in mobile radio measurement with RF and protocol test, high-speed interface measurement, optical / IP data communication measurement, high-frequency measurement with customers so far.

Anritsu continues to provide:
  • Timely, optimum, high-quality measurement solutions
  • Extensive lineup and experience from Wireless to Wired leading to 3G/4G to 5G
  • Measurement solution corresponding to the utilization of 5G technology such as IoT, Automotive
We will contribute to customer's 5G product development and future innovation of network.

About Anritsu

Anritsu supports the continually evolving field of data communications by developing measurement solutions for a wide variety of systems, services, and applications. Anritsu solutions are securing safety and stability in many fields across society, including QA measurement systems, food and pharmaceutical contaminant and checkweigher inspection systems, remote monitoring and control systems, bandwidth control equipment, and more.