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PC based VSA software for use with IQ data captured from a Field Master Pro MS2090A Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis PC software for Field Master Pro MS2090A is for testing physical layer modulation quality of various transmission standards. It serves a wide variety of markets, from aerospace to public safety (TETRA) to satellite communications and commercial electronics (ZigBee, Wi-Fi).

During the design and manufacturing stages of a wireless communication system, it is common to measure the modulation quality with benchtop instruments. Using the IQ capture option of the Field Master Pro MS2090A (Option 128 required) together with the MX280005A software these measurements can be validated in a field environment. Framed and unframed signals are supported. In framed mode, the software decodes common wireless signals including public safety (TETRA, P25, and DMR) to aerospace and satellite communications. In unframed mode, the software analyzes continuous modulation such as DQPSK, QAM, ASK, and FSK. The Field Master Pro MS2090A supports IQ captures up to 110 MHz bandwidth meaning narrow band communications signals or wideband satellite downlink signals can be captured and analyzed with the same application.

MX280005A software can initiate the capture of IQ data from a Field Master Pro MS2090A over an Ethernet connection or a data capture can be triggered manually through the Field Master Pro MS2090A touchscreen. Multiple analysis formats are provided including signal spectrum, EVM, constellation diagrams, eye diagrams, and numeric result tables. A comprehensive insight into all aspects of the transmitter performance is provided as multiple results windows can be displayed simultaneously.

MX280005A supports the following modulation types and measurement views:

Modulation types

  • BPSK
  • Pi2DBPSK
  • QPSK
  • Pi4DQPSK
  • 8PSK
  • D8PSK
  • 16QAM
  • 32QAM
  • 64QAM
  • 256QAM
  • 2FSK
  • 4FSK
  • MSK
  • 128QAM
  • 512QAM
  • 1024QAM
  • H_CPM
  • 2ASK
  • 4ASK
  • 16APSK
  • 32APSK
  • 2048QAM

Measurement views

  • Constellation
  • EVM vs. Symbol
  • Magnitude Error vs. Symbol
  • Phase Error vs. Symbol
  • Frequency vs. Symbol
  • Trellis
  • Eye Diagram
  • Numeric
  • I and Q vs. Symbol
  • Magnitude vs. Symbol
  • Phase vs. Symbol
  • Signal Monitor
  • Symbol Table
  • Equalizer Amplitude
  • Equalizer Phase
  • Equalizer Group Delay
  • Equalizer Impulse Response
  • FSK Error vs. Symbol
  • Fidelity vs. Symbol
  • Histogram
  • Custom Numeric


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