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ShockLine Family of VNAs

ShockLine Family of Vector Network Analyzers

Simple. Economical. Great Performance.

Anritsu’s ShockLine family of Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) has six different models with a variety of options designed to address the RF and microwave test needs in manufacturing, engineering labs/R&D, mil/aero, and university environments. With a wide selection of products to choose from, there is a range of solutions that meet your unique performance, application, and budget needs. Whether you are looking for an economical, portable 1-port product or a full-featured solution that provides best-in-class performance, the ShockLine family of VNAs enables you to get the right level of performance for your application needs while optimizing your cost-of-test.

Anritsu’s modern VNA architecture employs patented nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) Shockline technology, which enables market leading high-frequency measurement performance at an economical cost. The ShockLine family of VNAs provides you with:


Simplified VNA architecture

  • Lower maintenance cost, reduced down time and operating costs


Dynamic Range

  • Better characterization of highly reflective devices and measurement of weak crosstalk and isolation



  • Shockline IC design reduces temperature variation, resulting in better measurement accuracy and repeatability



  • One sampler covers broadband frequencies
  • Lower cost for measurements over a wide frequency range



  • Great performance in a compact form factor
  • Smaller footprint in manufacturing



  • Improved VNA price to performance ratio
  • Dramatic cost reduction for high-frequency applications


Shockline Family
Features Benefits

Large family of VNAs with multiple form factors and frequency capabilities

Wide selection of VNAs to fit a broad range of applications and budgets

VNAs without fragile keypad or display

Lower cost and more robust VNA enabling easy sizing of external display to match test environment

Time domain with time gating option

Easier and faster fault location identification in broadband devices

Small size

Choice of multiple compact packages saves bench space and efficiently uses rack space. Some models small enough to enable connecting to the DUT directly, eliminating expensive cabling and improving measurement stability.

Common ShockLine GUI, SCPI, and drivers

Reduces switching cost between models, simplifies code reuse

Modern Control Interface

USB and LAN are faster than GPIB

Three-year warranty

Worry-free purchase