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Efficient I&M Using Remote Operation

MX109020A Site Over Remote Access

Network Master Pro MT1000A/MT1040A (Ethernet/CPRI/OTDR Test Equipment) WLAN connectivity functions improve base station and optical line I&M work efficiency. Remotely located measuring instruments can be centrally managed over WLAN connections to cut job times (measurement, saving results, etc.) and unify report creation.

What’s New
2020/7/21 ー MX109020A supports Network Master Pro MT1040A
2020/7/1 ー MX109020A Site Over Remote Access Introduction (Video)
Video: MX109020A Site Over Remote Access Introduction

Need For and Issues at Optical Line and Network I&M

On-site testing with OTDR and Ethernet test equipment is essential at installation, startup, and maintenance of optical lines (fiber) and networks following a predefined job schedule, but sometimes specialist experience is necessary for a measurement operation method or pass/fail evaluation of an OTDR waveform, etc., which may cause on-site technicians serious problems and lost time. Additionally, work, such as FTTH, at a subscriber's premises may sometimes require several round trips between the building and bucket service vehicle accessing the high fiber line.

Using remote operation, managers with expertise in OTDR operation can analyze the OTDR waveform to help on-site technicians, increasing the job efficiency and lightening their work burden. Using Anritsu's OTDR/I&M Network Master Pro MT1000A/MT1040A with built-in WLAN connectivity helps improve the efficiency of on-site fiber installation, network startup, and maintenance.

Anritsu MT1000A, Need For and Issues at Optical Line and Network I&M_1

Repeated trips between subscriber's premises and bucket service vehicle

Anritsu MT1000A, Need For and Issues at Optical Line and Network I&M_2

Confirm subscriber's measured waveform at bucket service vehicle
→More efficient work

On-site Training for Diversified Testing

Base-station on-site work is becoming more complex with the spread of 5G services. More fiber runs, conversion to fronthaul Ethernet, and adoption of PTP supporting small-cell installations and CRAN, require new measurements, such as time synchronization.
On-the-job training by remote operation is an effective method for training experienced RF testing operators in how to perform optical transport tests.

Anritsu MT1000A, On-site Training for Diversified Testing

High-Efficiency On-site Installation, Startup, and Maintenance

Quickly Completed Fiber Installation, Startup, and Maintenance

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is complex with visits to the premises, running optical fibers on utility poles and going up and down poles to make pole-top connections. Using the WLAN connectivity function and mobile router enables cable technicians to control the MT1000A/MT1040A in the subscriber's premises remotely from a handheld tablet to confirm waveforms on the OTDR and other screens, enabling quick job completion by just one technician.

  • Minimizes entries to subscriber's premises (twice only to setup and recover OTDR)
  • Cuts technician's trips between ground and pole top

to shorten job times.

Anritsu MT1000A, Quickly Completed Fiber Installation, Startup, and Maintenance

In-Office Maintenance

At in-office optical fiber (line) and network maintenance, periodic OTDR measurements can cut the fault risk rate. However, in a fiber emergency, sometimes it may be impossible to dispatch experienced engineers immediately on-site.

In these circumstances, experienced in-office staff can troubleshoot and resolve fiber line problems remotely by using the MT1000A/MT1040A WLAN connectivity function. In addition to troubleshooting, using WLAN connectivity for regular maintenance helps reporting to experienced staff at remote locations for integrated management to not only cut fault resolution times but also improve regular maintenance work efficiency.

Anritsu MT1000A, In-Office Maintenance

Easy Outside Connections using Site Over Remote Access (SORA)

To operate a measuring instrument that is not on the LAN remotely, such as on-site, a connection must be made via a WAN. In this case, a communications device such as a mobile router with a carrier-contracted SIM must be provided.

Anritsu MT1000A, Easy Outside Connections using Site Over Remote Access (SORA)

However, this is not the only requirement because the office PC connection destination cannot be specified because the measuring-instrument IP address is unknown. Successful connection requires the following two additional preparations:

  1. Provision of a mobile router with a fixed IP address or a global IP address service contracted by the communications carrier
  2. Port forwarding settings enabled on the mobile router

Easy Connections Anywhere Using SORA

Using the MX109020A Site Over Remote Access (SORA hereafter) software measuring instruments can be remotely controlled easily anywhere.
The SORA cloud-based service allows office users to log-in to an Internet webpage to control the measuring instrument from the office via a smartphone.

Anritsu MT1000A, Easy Connections Anywhere Using SORA

Network Master Pro MT1040A Details

Network Master Pro MT1000A Details

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