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Mobile InterferenceHunter Downloading


Instructions for Making Maps

Use the OpenStreetMap web site to download your map. Once on the OpenStreetMap site:
  1. In the search box, located in the upper left, type in the city that you are looking for. Click on Go.
  2. After you you have selected the desired area from the displayed list, click "Export" located at the top left corner of the page above the search box.
  3. To the left of the screen, below the Export button, click on "Overpass API".
  4. The map data will be downloaded to your PC.

There are two ways to get the map into Mobile InterferenceHunter:

  1. Click, drag, and drop the map file onto Mobile InterferenceHunter. The file will be converted and opened, ready for use. (Cannot drop on top of Google Maps.)
  2. OR

  3. Open the downloaded map from the Mobile InterferenceHunter File menu.
    • From the main menu choose: Settings|Map Source|Open Source Maps.
    • Browse to your download folder.
    • Select 'OpenStreetMap archive' in the file type dropdown.
    • Find the file just downloaded and select Open.
When you open in Mobile InterferenceHunter software, a dialog box pops up to enter the city and country. Then the map is converted to our required format and opened in the software program.

The converted files are saved so that the next time you open that location, no additional formatting is needed.

Mobile InterferenceHunter Downloading Maps

© OpenStreetMap contributors copyright page

Ready Made Maps

For a list of pre-made maps, please choose from the regional tabs above.

If the map that you are looking for is not available you can create your own. See Instructions for making maps on the description tab.

North America

United States

(As of September 2014)

Alabama Iowa North Dakota
Birmingham, AL  zip (58,1843 KB) Cedar Rapids, IA  zip (3,173 KB) Fargo, ND--MN  zip (10,110 KB)
Columbus, GA-AL  zip (15,598 KB) Davenport, IA-IL  zip (5,895 KB)
Huntsville, AL  zip (4,994 KB) Des Moines, IA  zip (10,295 KB) Ohio
Mobile, AL  zip (3,586 KB) Iowa City, IA  zip (1,056 KB) Akron, OH  zip (6,988 KB)
Montgomery, AL  zip (1,612 KB) Omaha, NE-IA  zip (9,702 KB) Canton, OH  zip (1,905 KB)
Pensacola, FL-AL  zip (4,119 KB) Sioux City, IA--NE--SD zip (1,297 KB) Cincinnati, OH--KY--IN zip (19,712 KB)
Tuscaloosa, AL  zip (1,704 KB) Waterloo, IA  zip (1,404 KB) Cleveland, OH  zip (16,314 KB)
Columbus, OH  zip (10,287 KB)
Alaska Kansas Dayton, OH  zip (6,968 KB)
Anchorage, AK  zip (1,235 KB) Kansas City, MO-KS  zip (18,811 KB) Huntington, WV-KY-OH zip (3,974 KB)
Topeka, KS  zip (5,176 KB) Lorain, OH  zip (1,017 KB)
Arizona Wichita, KS  zip (2,813 KB) Toledo, OH-MI  zip (3,416 KB)
Phoenix, AZ  zip (23,733 KB) Youngstown, OH-PA  zip (3,179 KB)
Tucson, AZ  zip (4,414 KB) Kentucky
Yuma, AZ--CA  zip (729 KB) Cincinnati, OH--KY--IN  zip (19,712 KB) Oklahoma
Clarksville, TN--KY  zip (2,373 KB) Fort Smith, AR-OK  zip (955 KB)
Arkansas Evansville, IN-KY  zip (1,955 KB) Oklahoma City, OK  zip (11,523 KB)
Fayetteville, AR-MO  zip (4,127 KB) Huntington, WV-KY-OH  zip (3,974 KB) Tulsa, OK  zip (4,716 KB)
Fort Smith, AR-OK  zip (955 KB) Lexington, KY  zip (3,342 KB)
Little Rock, AR  zip (4,577 KB) Louisville, KY-IN  zip (6,795 KB) Oregon
Memphis, TN-MS-AR  zip (4,082 KB) Corvallis, OR  zip (2,683 KB)
Louisiana Eugene, OR  zip (1,284 KB)
California Baton Rouge, LA  zip (2,400 KB) Medford, OR  zip (5,607 KB)
Antioch, CA  zip (2,605 KB) Houma, LA  zip (550 KB) Portland, OR-WA  zip (20,994 KB)
Bakersfield, CA  zip (22,256 KB) Lafayette, LA  zip (1,458 KB) Salem, OR  zip (1,962 KB)
El Centro, CA  zip (352 KB) Lake Charles, LA  zip (2,145 KB)
Fairfield, CA  zip (1,730 KB) Monroe, LA  zip (1,765 KB) Pennsylvania
Fresno, CA  zip (5,617 KB) New Orleans, LA  zip (34,408 KB) Allentown, PA--NJ  zip (10,059 KB)
Indio, CA  zip (3,247 KB) Shreveport LA  zip (2,586 KB) Binghamton, NY--PA  zip (2,374 KB)
Lancaster, CA  zip (1,226 KB) Erie, PA  zip (1,590 KB)
Los Angeles, CA  zip (55,886 KB) Maine Harrisburg, PA  zip (8,834 KB)
Merced, CA  zip (4,670 KB) Portland, ME  zip (1,053 KB) Lancaster, PA  zip (8,495 KB)
Murrieta, CA  zip (4,160 KB) Philadelphia,PA-NJ-DE-MD zip (28,712 KB)
Ontario, CA  zip (441 KB) Maryland Pittsburgh, PA  zip (16,796 KB)
Oxnard, CA  zip (9,025 KB) Aberdeen, MD  zip (1,982 KB) Reading, PA  zip (9,143 KB)
Redding, CA  zip (2,773 KB) Baltimore, MD  zip (80,611 KB) Scranton, PA  zip (6,322 KB)
Reno, NV-CA  zip (3,957 KB) Frederick, MD  zip (5,666 KB) State College, PA  zip (3,838 KB)
Sacramento, CA  zip (10,343 KB) Philadelphia,PA-NJ-DE-MD zip (28,712 KB) Youngstown, OH-PA  zip (3,179 KB)
Salinas, CA  zip (11,937 KB) Washington, DC-VA-MD  zip (82,181 KB)
San Diego, CA  zip (12,033 KB) Rhode Island
San Francisco zip (18,791 KB) Massachusetts Boston, MA-NH-RI  zip (181,693 KB)
San Francisco-San Jose zip (77,685 KB) Barnstable Town, MA  zip (31,751 KB) Norwich, CT-RI  zip (3,870 KB)
Santa Barbara, CA  zip (9,006 KB) Boston, MA-NH-RI  zip (181,693 KB) Providence, RI-MA  zip (30,599 KB)
Santa Cruz, CA  zip (3,151 KB) Leominster, MA  zip (10,368 KB)
Santa Maria, CA  zip (13,507 KB) New Bedford, MA  zip (14,163 KB) South Carolina
Santa Rosa, CA  zip (3,537 KB) Springfield, MA-CT  zip (34,623 KB) Augusta, GA--SC  zip (2,159 KB)
Stockton, CA  zip (13,687 KB) Worcester, MA-CT  zip (19,725 KB) Charleston, SC  zip (6,223 KB)
Victorville, CA  zip (1,130 KB) Charlotte, NC-SC  zip (19,810 KB)
Visalia, CA  zip (3,302 KB) Michigan Columbia, SC  zip (4,370 KB)
Yuba City, CA  zip (4,126 KB) Ann Arbor, MI  zip (2,246 KB) Greenville, SC  zip (11,371 KB)
Yuma, AZ--CA  zip (729 KB) Detroit, MI  zip (27,994 KB) Myrtle Beach, SC-NC  zip (4,744 KB)
Flint, MI  zip (942 KB)
Colorado Grand Rapids, MI  zip (5,112 KB) South Dakota
Boulder, CO  zip (2,141 KB) Kalamazoo, MI  zip (3,061 KB) Rapid City, SD   zip (4,722 KB)
Colorado Springs, CO  zip (7,123 KB) Lansing, MI  zip (2,252 KB) Sioux City, IA--NE--SD  zip (1,297 KB)
Denver, CO  zip (26,664 KB) Muskegon, MI  zip (684 KB) Sioux Falls, SD  zip (1,297 KB)
Fort Collins, CO  zip (6,401 KB) Saginaw, MI  zip (1,454 KB)
Grand Junction, CO  zip (6,803 KB) South Bend, IN-MI  zip (3,574 KB) Tennessee
Pueblo, CO  zip (1,450 KB) Toledo, OH-MI  zip (3,416 KB) Chattanooga, TN-GA  zip (6,301 KB)
Clarksville, TN--KY  zip (2,373 KB)
Connecticut Minnesota Johnson City, TN  zip (8,888 KB)
Hartford, CT  zip (2,861 KB) Duluth, MN--WI  zip (2,442 KB) Knoxville, TN  zip (4,852 KB)
New York, NY-NJ-CT  zip (80,068 KB) Fargo, ND--MN  zip (10,110 KB) Memphis, TN-MS-AR  zip (4,082 KB)
Norwich, CT-RI  zip (3,870 KB) La Crosse, WI--MN  zip (4,235 KB) Nashville, TN  zip (12,418 KB)
Springfield, MA-CT  zip (34,623 KB) Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN-WI zip (35,255 KB)
Worcester, MA-CT  zip (19,725 KB) Rochester, MN  zip (5,235 KB) Texas
St. Cloud, MN  zip (1,047 KB) Abilene, TX  zip (632 KB)
Delaware Amarillo, TX  zip (1,445 KB)
Dover, DE  zip (683 KB) Mississippi Austin, TX  zip (9,413 KB)
Philadelphia,PA-NJ-DE-MD zip (28,712 KB) Gulfport, MS  zip (24,647 KB) Beaumont, TX  zip (2,992 KB)
Jackson, MS  zip (2,709 KB) Brownsville, TX  zip (5,109 KB)
District of Columbia Memphis, TN-MS-AR  zip (4,082 KB) College Station, TX  zip (946 KB)
Washington, DC-VA-MD  zip (82,181 KB) Corpus Christi, TX  zip (1,437 KB)
Missouri Dallas-Fort Worth, TX  zip (28,857 KB)
Florida Columbia, MO  zip (2,333 KB) El Paso, TX-NM  zip (4,043 KB)
Bonita Springs, FL  zip (5,737 KB) Fayetteville, AR-MO  zip (4,127 KB) Houston, TX  zip (26,794 KB)
Cape Coral, FL  zip (5,914 KB) Kansas City, MO-KS  zip (18,811 KB) Killeen, TX  zip (2,674 KB)
Gainesville, FL  zip (2,755 KB) Springfield, MO  zip (1,842 KB) Laredo, TX  zip (805 KB)
Jacksonville, FL  zip (4,989 KB) St. Louis, MO-IL  zip (18,225 KB) Lubbock, TX  zip (1,462 KB)
Lady Lake, FL  zip (1,970 KB) McAllen, TX  zip (1,258 KB)
Lakeland, FL  zip (2,292 KB) Montana San Antonio, TX  zip (16,792 KB)
Miami, FL  zip (16,149 KB) Billings, MT  zip (538 KB) Odessa, TX  zip (1,589 KB)
North Port, FL  zip (4,148 KB) Bozeman, MT  zip (4,753 KB) Tyler, TX  zip (3,712 KB)
Ocala, FL  zip (3,769 KB) Great Falls, MT  zip (650 KB) Waco, TX  zip (869 KB)
Orlando, FL  zip (21,439 KB)
Palm Bay, FL  zip (2,362 KB) Nebraska Utah
Palm Coast, FL  zip (2,300 KB) Lincoln, NE  zip (4,996 KB) Ogden, UT  zip (4,153 KB)
Panama City, FL  zip (701 KB) Omaha, NE-IA  zip (9,702 KB) Provo, UT  zip (4,698 KB)
Pensacola, FL-AL  zip (4,119 KB) Sioux City, IA--NE--SD  zip (1,297 KB) Salt Lake City, UT  zip (5,922 KB)
Port St. Lucie, FL  zip (2,619 KB) St. George, UT  zip (5,886 KB)
Sarasota, FL  zip (3,892 KB) Nevada
Tallahassee, FL  zip (3,292 KB) Las Vegas, NV  zip (8,373 KB) Virginia
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL  zip (16,285 KB) Reno, NV-CA  zip (4,092 KB) Fredericksburg, VA  zip (7,573 KB)
Winter Haven, FL  zip (2,418 KB) Lynchburg, VA  zip (3,774 KB)
New Hampshire Richmond, VA  zip (11,753 KB)
Georgia Boston, MA-NH-RI  zip (181,693 KB) Roanoke, VA  zip (4,795 KB)
Athens, GA  zip (3,023 KB) Manchester, NH  zip (17,555 KB) Virginia Beach-Norfolk, VA  zip (9,044 KB)
Atlanta, GA  zip (29,497 KB)

Washington, DC-VA-MD  zip (82,181 KB)

Augusta, GA--SC  zip (2,159 KB) New Jersey
Chattanooga, TN-GA  zip (6,301 KB) Allentown, PA--NJ  zip (10,059 KB) Washington
Columbus, GA-AL  zip (15,598 KB) Atlantic City, NJ  zip (1,122 KB) Bellingham, WA  zip (1,794 KB)
Gainesville, GA  zip (2,779 KB) New York, NY-NJ-CT  zip (80,068 KB) Bremerton, WA  zip (919 KB)
Macon, GA  zip (6,772 KB) Philadelphia,PA-NJ-DE-MD zip (28,712 KB) Kennewick, WA  zip (884 KB)
Savannah, GA  zip (3,854 KB)

Poughkeepsie, NY-NJ  zip (6,874 KB)

Olympia, WA  zip (1,734 KB)
Portland, OR-WA  zip (20,994 KB)
Hawaii New Mexico Seattle, WA  zip (69,988 KB)
Honolulu, HI  zip (2,228 KB) Albuquerque, NM  zip (4,420 KB) Spokane, WA  zip (3,180 KB)
El Paso, TX-NM  zip (4,043 KB) Yakima, WA  zip (613 KB)
Idaho Las Cruces, NM  zip (1,683 KB)
Boise City, ID  zip (1,618 KB) West Virginia
Idaho Falls, ID  zip (5,883 KB) New York Charleston, WV  zip (1,296 KB)
Pocatello, ID  zip (5,269 KB) Albany, NY  zip (5,641 KB) Huntington, WV-KY-OH  zip (3,974 KB)
Twin Falls, ID  zip (6,993 KB) Binghamton, NY--PA  zip (2,374 KB)
Buffalo, NY  zip (5,816 KB) Wisconsin
Illinois New York, NY-NJ-CT  zip (80,068 KB) Appleton, WI  zip (1,113 KB)
Bloomington, IL  zip (3,630 KB) Poughkeepsie, NY-NJ  zip (6,874 KB) Chicago, IL-IN-WI  zip (101,681 KB)
Champaign, IL  zip (1,822 KB) Rochester, NY  zip (3,857 KB) Duluth, MN--WI  zip (2,442 KB)
Chicago, IL-IN-WI  zip (101,681 KB) Syracuse, NY  zip (4,133 KB) Eau Claire, WI  zip (1,191 KB)
Davenport, IA-IL  zip (5,895 KB) Utica, NY  zip (2,236 KB) Green Bay, WI  zip (3,263 KB)
Peoria, IL  zip (16,721 KB) La Crosse, WI--MN  zip (4,235 KB)
Rockford, IL  zip (110,588 KB) North Carolina Madison, WI  zip (7,073 KB)
Springfield, IL  zip (3,349 KB) Asheville, NC  zip (9,877 KB) Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN-WI zip (35,255 KB)
St. Louis, MO-IL  zip (18,225 KB) Burlington, NC  zip (3,827 KB) Milwaukee, WI  zip (7,271 KB)
Charlotte, NC-SC  zip (18,115 KB) Racine, WI  zip (3,561 KB)
Indiana Concord, NC  zip (2,877 KB)
Bloomington, IN  zip (2,687 KB) Fayetteville, NC  zip (9,755 KB) Wyoming
Chicago, IL-IN-WI  zip (101,681 KB) Greensboro, NC  zip (12,511 KB) Casper Cheyenne, WY  zip (15,980 KB)
Cincinnati, OH--KY--IN  zip (19,712 KB) Greenville, NC  zip (1,528 KB)
Evansville, IN-KY  zip (1,955 KB) Hickory, NC  zip (9,719 KB)
Fort Wayne, IN  zip (2,809 KB) Jacksonville, NC  zip (1,343 KB)
Indianapolis, IN  zip (14,096 KB) Myrtle Beach, SC-NC  zip (4,744 KB)
Lafayette, IN  zip (1,392 KB) Raleigh, NC  zip (46,345 KB)
Louisville, KY-IN  zip (6,795 KB) Wilmington, NC  zip (5,343 KB)
South Bend, IN-MI  zip (3,574 KB)  
Terre Haute, IN  zip (396 KB)  


(As of September 2014)

Alberta New Brunswick Ontario (cont.)
Calgary, AB  zip (8,511 KB) Fredericton, NB  zip (2,276 KB) Sault Ste. Marie, ON  zip (1,452 KB)
Edmonton, AB  zip (14,069 KB) Moncton, NB  zip (1,809 KB) Sudbury, ON  zip (2,806 KB)
Fort McMurray, AB  zip (356 KB) Saint John, NB  zip (3,387 KB) Thunder Bay, ON  zip (644 KB)
Grande Prairie, AB  zip (516 KB) Newfoundland and Labrador Toronto, ON  zip (50,982 KB)
Lethbridge, AB  zip (569 KB) St. John's, NL  zip (1,436 KB)
Medicine Hat, AB  zip (414 KB) Quebec
Red Deer, AB  zip (1,196 KB) Nova Scotia Drummondville, QC  zip (1,994 KB)
Halifax, NS  zip (4,792 KB) Granby, QC  zip (2,074 KB)
British Columbia Montreal, QC  zip (25,692 KB)
Abbotsford, BC  zip (4,222 KB) Ontario Ottawa, ON-QC  zip (7,572 KB)
Kamloops, BC  zip (14,782 KB) Barrie, ON  zip (3,253 KB) Quebec, QC  zip (4,636 KB)
Kelowna,BC  zip (1,576 KB) Belleville, ON  zip (728 KB) Sherbrooke, QC  zip (3,161 KB)
Nanaimo, BC  zip (3,018 KB) Kingston, ON  zip (1,823 KB) Trois-Rivieres, QC  zip (2,168 KB)
Prince George, BC  zip (2,415 KB) Kitchener, ON  zip (6,220 KB)
Vancouver, BC  zip (19,990 KB) London, ON  zip (13,383 KB) Saskatchewan
Victoria, BC  zip (10,323 KB) North Bay, ON  zip (671 KB) Regina,SK  zip (1,228 KB)
Ottawa, ON-QC  zip (7,572 KB) Saskatoon, SK  zip (1,474 KB)
Manitoba Peterborough, ON  zip (803 KB)  
Winnipeg, MB  zip (5,130 KB) Sarnia, ON  zip (1,359 KB)  


(As of September 2014)

Aguascalientes  zip (1,011 KB) Hermosillo  zip (511 KB) Saltillo  zip (1,059 KB)
Cancun  zip (504 KB) Leon  zip (1,079 KB) San Luis Potosi  zip (519 KB)
Chihuahua  zip (683 KB) Matamoros  zip (559 KB) Tampico  zip (363 KB)
Ciudad Juarez  zip (2,104 KB) Mazatlan  zip (772 KB) Tijuana  zip (1,790 KB)
Ciudad Obregon  zip (361 KB) Merida  zip (1,915 KB) Tizimin Valladolid  zip (1,578 KB)
Coatzacoalcos  zip (643 KB) Mexicali  zip (743 KB) Tuxla Guitierrez  zip (404 KB)
Cuernavaca  zip (1,351 KB) Mexico City  zip (8,277 KB) Veracruz  zip (708 KB)
Culiacan  zip (800 KB) Morelia  zip (687 KB) Xalapa  zip (394 KB)
Enseneda  zip (298 KB) Puebla  zip (3,358 KB)  
Guadalajara  zip (3,921 KB) Reynosa  zip (2,817 KB)  

© OpenStreetMap contributors copyright page

Latin America

Latin America

(As of September 2014)

Argentina Chile Ecuador
Buenos Aires  zip (10,235 KB) Santiago  zip (7,526 KB) Quito  zip (3,657 KB)
Brazil Colombia Haiti
Brasilia  zip (5,210 KB) Bogota  zip (8,175 KB) Por-au-Prince  zip (6,101 KB)
Curitiba  zip (3,644 KB) Cartagena  zip (2,601 KB)  
Joinville  zip (1,266 KB)   Peru
Porto Alegre  zip (5,016 KB) Dominican Republic Lima  zip (4,949 KB)
Porto Velho  zip (7,660 KB) Santo Domingo  zip (2,561 KB)  
Rio De Janeiro  zip (8,238 KB)    
Sao Paulo  zip (18,608 KB)    

© OpenStreetMap contributors copyright page



(As of September 2014)

Armenia Greece Russia
Yerevan  zip (3,867 KB) Athens  zip (17,373 KB) Chelyabinsk  zip (10,307 KB)
Kirov  zip (1,182 KB)
Austria Hungary Moscow  zip (57,664 KB)
Vienna  zip (39,157 KB) Budapest  zip (17,511 KB) Samara  zip (17,199 KB)
St. Petersburg  zip (40,496 KB)
Belgium Iceland
Brussels  zip (50,303 KB) Reykjavik  zip (9,695 KB) Spain
Barcelona  zip (20,635 KB)
Bosnia & Herzegovina Italy Bilbao  zip (10,959 KB)
Sarajevo  zip (4,838 KB) Florence  zip (6,992 KB) Madrid  zip (31,488 KB)
Genoa  zip (13,941 KB)
Bulgaria Milan  zip (23,202 KB) Sweden
Sofia  zip (7,100 KB) Palermo  zip (5,297 KB) Stockholm  zip (38,195 KB)
Rome  zip (16,542 KB)
Czech Republic Venice  zip (97,259 KB) Tajikistan
Prague  zip (60,659 KB) Dushanbe  zip (1,369 KB)
Denmark Riga  zip (18,591 KB) Ukraine
Copenhagen  zip (34,942 KB) Lviv  zip (6,728 KB)
Netherlands Odessa  zip (3,730 KB)
Finland Amsterdam  zip (58,633 KB)
Helsinki  zip (27,883 KB) Rotterdam Hague  zip (56,695 KB) United Kingdom
Tampere  zip (7,155 KB) Cardiff  zip (22,834 KB)
Norway Colchester  zip (10,061 KB)
France Oslo  zip (41,097 KB) Edinburgh  zip (8,793 KB)
Bordeaux  zip (65,009 KB) Glasgow  zip (13,706 KB)
Lille  zip (67,224 KB) Poland London  zip (127,540 KB)
Lyon  zip (158,923 KB) Gdansk  zip (15,034 KB)
Marseille  zip (86,699 KB) Krakow  zip (14,342 KB) Uzbekistan
Montpellier  zip (74,817 KB) Warsaw  zip (20,236 KB) Samarkand  zip (788 KB)
Nantes  zip (57,431 KB) Wroclaw  zip (26,406 KB)
Paris  zip (2,073 KB)
Strasbourg  zip (38,959 KB) Portugal
Toulouse  zip (80,778 KB) Lisbon  zip (15,764 KB)
Porto  zip (7,475 KB)
Berlin  zip (79,503 KB)
Frankfurt  zip (115,356 KB) Romania
Hamburg  zip (55,449 KB) Bucharest  zip (8,174 KB)
Karlsruhe  zip (47,977 KB)
Munich  zip (89,924 KB)
Nuremberg  zip (35,955 KB)


Middle East

(As of September 2014)

Afghanistan Israel United Arab Emirates
Kabul  zip (991 KB) Tel Aviv  zip (7,600 KB) Abu Dhabi  zip (14,583 KB)
Iraq Turkey
Baghdad  zip (2,088 KB) Ankara  zip (7,274 KB)
Istanbul  zip (11,956 KB)



(As of September 2014)

Egypt Rwanda Tanzania
Cairo  zip (4,063 KB) Kigali  zip (982 KB) Dar Es Salaam  zip (1,066 KB)
Kenya Somalia Uganda
Nairobi  zip (2,702 KB) Mogadishu  zip (1,034 KB) Kampala  zip (2,215 KB)
Nigeria South Africa Zimbabwe
Abuja  zip (725 KB) Johannesburg East Rand  zip (7,809 KB) Harare  zip (712 KB)
Lagos  zip (1,470 KB)

© OpenStreetMap contributors copyright page

Asia - Pacific


(As of September 2014)

Bangladesh Indonesia Singapore
Dhaka  zip (2,375 KB) Jakarta  zip (12,305 KB) Singapore  zip (9,119 KB)
China Japan South Korea
Beijing  zip (6,496 KB) Osaka Kobe Kyoto  zip (51,812 KB) Seoul Incheon  zip (7,285 KB)
Chengdu  zip (1,196 KB) Tokyo Yokohama  zip (164,055 KB)
Chongqing  zip (3,933 KB) Sri Lanka
Shanghai  zip (14,474 KB) Nepal Colombo  zip (1,916 KB)
Kathmandu  zip (12,406 KB)
India Thailand
Chennai  zip (2,896 KB) Pakistan Bangkok  zip (13,671 KB)
Kolkota  zip (5,836 KB) Karachi  zip (2,502 KB)
Mumbai  zip (5,986 KB) Lahore  zip (1,702 KB)



(As of September 2014)

Canberra  zip (5,191 KB)
Melbourne  zip (27,019 KB)
Newcastle  zip (11,208 KB)
Sydney  zip (13,702 KB)

© OpenStreetMap contributors copyright page


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