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Key enhancement for TD-SCDMA handset testing focused towards China mobile phone market, including GSM handover capability.

Comprehensive Verification Testing for TD-SCDMA HSDPA Mobile Terminals.


For immediate release - Anritsu Corporation has further enhanced the functions of its MD8470A Signalling Tester to support R&D and verification of TD-SCDMA mobile terminals. The October 19 rollout of its TD-SCDMA/HSPA Signalling Unit along with the new TD-SCDMA/GSM Simulation Kit and TD-HSPA Software options has enabled this new capability. These test equipment options are supporting the 3.5G TD-SCDMA/HSDPA*1 high-speed data communications standard that is spreading rapidly in China.

Installing this new hardware and software combination in the MD8470A allows it to simulate a TD-SCDMA HSDPA base station for performing call processing, signaling and data verification tests. In combination with the GSM Signaling Unit (that is fully supporting 2/2.5G GSM/GPRS/EGPRS mobiles), and the Second RF Unit plus EGPRS software, this delivers the world’s first all-in-one platform for testing the mobile device in handover between TD-SCDMA/HSDPA and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS networks. By using this comprehensive verification solution, including handover tests with GSM networks, test and verification engineers can be sure of more reliable introduction of 3G mobile phones in China.

“Due to the presence of a mixed communications network using both current 2/2.5G and newer 3/3.5G mobile terminals, there is a growing need for a measurement platform supporting handover verification tests between 2G and 3G to assure stable handset operation” said Marketing Director Jonathan Borrill. “Anritsu is already supporting TD-SCDMA mobiles with a range of test solutions, and its MD8470A Signalling Tester is a popular TD-SCDMA base station simulator already widely used by terminal and chipset makers in China and other countries.”

The platform now provides an all-in-one capability not only for TD-SCDMA HSDPA call processing and data tests but also for comprehensive verification testing including Handover tests with 2/2.5G GSM/GPRS/EGPRS networks.

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About Anritsu
Anritsu Corporation ( has been a provider of innovative communications solutions for more than 110 years. The company's test and measurement solutions include wireless, optical, microwave/RF and digital instruments, operations support systems and solutions that can be used during R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed devices for design into communication products and systems. Following its acquisition of NetTest in 2005, it has expanded its offering to provide complete solutions for existing and next-generation wireline and wireless communication systems and service providers. Anritsu sell in over 90 countries worldwide with approximately 4,000 employees.

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