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Anritsu eNewsletter - Issue #11 - July2007


Anritsu eNewsletter - Issue #11 - July 2007

Issue #11, July 2007  

From a design and manufacturing aspect, cost-effectiveness is almost as important as performance.

Fiber News
U.S. Homes Receiving Services Via fiber Doubles
IP News
Consulting Group Sees IPTV Coming of Age
Microwave/RF News
Opening of North American Test Lab Another sign WiMAX is Here
Wireless News
4G Raises Many Technology Questions
August 28-30, 2007
San Jose, CA

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NGNs Helping to Create Growth

There has been plenty of talk about Next-generation Networks (NGNs) and the converging of technologies. Based upon a survey conducted at the recently completed NXTcomm show in Chicago, NGN services such as mobile video and IPTV are key elements of what most people see as a growing market.

The survey, conducted by Telephony magazine and Tellabs, was overwhelmingly positive. Ninety-six percent of the 678 people surveyed thought network infrastructure spending will increase this year. Other findings included 54% believing mobile video is driving growth now or will in the next 12 months, and 78% see IPTV being a driving growth force within three years. Slightly more than half also believe the convergence of wireless and wireline networks will happen within two years.

Complex, data-intensive technologies such as mobile video and IPTV create testing hurdles with every step of the development and implementation path. From a design and manufacturing aspect, cost-effectiveness is almost as important as performance. If initial sticker prices are too high, it can slow the implementation of some NGN technologies into the mainstream consumer market. So, testing must be efficient, accurate, and cost effective.

From an implementation standpoint, Quality of Service (QoS) is integral for network operators. That means existing operations support systems (OSS) must be changed, overhauled or possibly replaced in order to meet the demands of NGNs.

Anritsu is committed to providing test solutions for each step in the NGN path. This issue of Anritsu News highlights products that have been designed for NGN applications. Click on each technology tab to read about our test solutions.

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