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Satellite Communications

Anritsu Satellite Communications

RF interference represents the single largest impact to robust satellite operation performance. Interference issues result in significant costs for the satellite operator due to loss of income when the signal is interrupted. Additional costs are also encountered to debug and fix communications problems. These issues also exert a price in terms of reputation for the satellite operator.

Anritsu offers Spectrum Analyzer and Spectrum Monitoring systems to help optimize performance and identify sources of interference common to satellite systems. Some common issues facing satellite operators include:

  • User error due to poorly aligned antennas and improper mating of connections
  • Adjacent frequency emissions from other signals with significantly higher power levels. This includes FM radio harmonics, 5G cellular and other broadcast signals
  • Adjacent satellite interference
  • Equipment failure
  • Radar signals
  • Aircraft altimeter signals
  • Unauthorized transmissions (piracy) and intentional jammers
  • Radiation leakage at the satellite earth station