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Ensure Reliability of Driver Safety Systems

To reduce road traffic accidents caused by driver errors, countries worldwide are progressing with development of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) as well as self-driving vehicles. This progress is supported by various sensor technologies, including radar.

Implementation of self-driving vehicles uses mmWave and high-frequency communication systems for transferring more data, and automobile radar is transitioning to higher frequencies. Consequently, developers require better solutions, such as wideband spectrum analyzers and signal generators.

Anritsu high-reliability solutions for ADAS support safer driving.

Safety/ADAS Solutions

Easy 79-GHz Radar Tests

The Spectrum Master MS2760A is designed around Anritsu’s excellent high-frequency technology. Since it can easily evaluate the spectrum of 79-GHz radar products and has an FFT capture-time setting function for capturing chirp signals, it is ideal for R&D and production-line inspection applications, such as clarifying the impact of reflected signals.

E-Band Based Car Radar Emblem Measurements

VNAs for mmWave applications have been historically large, heavy, complicated, and very expensive. A new approach that shows significant advantages for these car radar radome and bumper measurements can be seen with the Anritsu ShockLine MS46522B VNA with option 82 or 83, a dedicated E-band VNA for 55-92 GHz applications. For antenna characterization and material measurement, this kind of VNA is best suited for industrial applications where ease of use along with ruggedized handling and interfacing are major requirements.



Automotive Radar Testing with the Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer
Connected AD/ADAS Communications Quality Test Solution

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Spectrum Master MS2760A

Spectrum Master MS2760AThe pocket-size Spectrum Analyzer MS2760A covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 110 GHz. It is designed especially for automobile radar applications, but is also suitable for 5G, 802.11ad, E-band microwave wireless, and broadcast satellite communications measurements. Power is supplied via the USB interface of a Windows PC or tablet controller for easy adaptability to laboratory, production- line, or outside applications.

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ShockLine™ 2-Port Performance VNA MS46522B

ShockLine™ 2-Port Performance VNA MS46522BThe ShockLine™ MS46522B series are 2-port performance vector network analyzers. Delivering an unprecedented level of value and performance, this series lowers the cost-of-test and speeds time-to-market in numerous testing applications up to 92 GHz, including: manufacturing and verifying mobile network equipment and devices for 5G mmWave applications; automotive cables; high-speed data interconnects; and system integration components.

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Vector Network Analyzer MS46524B

Vector Network Analyzer MS46524BThe four-port Vector Network Analyzer MS46524B has a wide frequency operation range up to 43.5 GHz, supporting various test applications, such as multiport mobile network equipment, mobile devices, automobile cables, high-speed data interconnects, system integration components, etc. Its excellent cost-performance cuts test costs while shortening time-to-market (TTM).

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Spectrum Analyzer MS2830A

Spectrum Analyzer MS2830AThe excellent cost-performance of the MS2830A helps hold down initial infrastructure costs while remaining competitive for TPMS production-line applications. The MS2830A cost has been kept low by focusing only on functions and performance for TPMS development without sacrificing measurement speed, cutting measurement times by a factor 1000 and enabling just one production-line MS2830A to measure multiple TPMS during manufacture, which cuts initial line investment costs.

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Spectrum Analyzer MS2690A Series

Spectrum Analyzer MS2690A SeriesThe MS2690A series not only handles TPMS signal inputs but can also replay captured signals from the built-in vector signal generator. A captured signal can be converted to a waveform pattern that can be replayed-over many times to help clarify problems and debugging. In addition, DUT Rx characteristics can be tested easily.

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