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5GAA Meeting Week 2022

20/10/2022 - 20/10/2022 , Malaga

Anritsu will be participating in the 5G Automotive Association Meeting Week in Malaga and showcasing a solution in partnership with dSpace. 

Anritsu MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station and dSPACE VEOS (a PC-based simulation platform), with dSPACE AURELION sensor-realistic simulation provides 5G Digital Twin testing environment for Automotive V2X Use Cases.

We will demonstrate AVP (Automated Valet Parking) Type 2, which is one of the actively discussed use cases of V2X. By using communication technology such as 5G, the parking request will be received by the AVP service. The vehicle will then be dropped off by the driver and automatically driven by the AVP system to its intended parking spot. Upon request of the vehicle’s owner, the vehicle is automatically retrieved