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RF Technologies days

01/04/2014 - 02/04/2014 , 01/04/14 Mechelen Belgium, & 02/04/14 Leiden The Netherlands

The RF Technology Days will take place on 1st April in Mechelen, Belgium & 2nd April in Leiden, The Netherlands. The goal of the seminar is to show the diversity of applications, innovations and knowledge in radio frequency technology. The event is jointly organised by trade associations FHI and FEE and twenty participating companies.

This year’s topic is ‘Trends in Radio Frequency’, the participants will show which new technologies have come available, which applications have come available and which new technologies will come next.

Once again Anritsu will be in attendance to display the latest cutting edge in Microwave, RF, Wireless and Radar solutions.

For further details regarding the RF Technology Days 2014