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Leading the way in Vector Network Analysis

VectorStar The NEW leader in Vector Network Analysis

The ME7838A Broadband Vector Network Analyzer highlights Anritsu's leadership in the VNA market with an impressive set of specifications.

  • 16 independent measurement channels in a smart box.
  • Unprecedented number of measurement points per channel.
  • Run fast measurements with 55 ms per datapoint for 201 points at 10 kHz IFBW.
  • Unlimited accurate Time Domain analysis together with unapproachable high resolution.
  • Industry-best Dynamic Range of 107+ dB at 110 GHz with a nearly flat characteristic over entire operating band.
  • Driving technology without compromisingly performance, ME7838A VNA single sweep system covering 40 kHz up to 125 GHz and as banded system operational up to 750 GHz.


Using world leading innovation the ME7838A is the clear leader in it's field. Find out more about this revolutionary VNA




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