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Anritsu Tech Time Tour - On Site Radio Frequency Measurements and Spectrum Analysis

During a one and a half day, free of charge seminar, the Anritsu Tech Time Tour - Radio Frequency Measuring Technology offers 3 topics on fundamentals and applications in the areas of Spectrum and Network analysis and Passive Intermodulation. Choose the most interesting topic areas for you on the 1st and 2nd days, or even attend all three courses. Take advantage of our offer and optimise your time using the topic selection below.

Both courses on the first day (VNA Cable Sweeping and Time Domain measurements and PIM/Distance To PIM Measurements) are designed to give an overview. You will become acquainted with ways of looking at a problem, the relevant background issues and experience how a measuring instrument can quantify problems. Hands-on work with an instrument is secondary here. The lectures will be combined with practical demonstrations.

The second day is completely dedicated to Spectrum Analysis, and will be organised into fundamental theory in the morning followed by workshop based activity in the afternoon. Here you will see the practical applications of the theory basics explored earlier, and additionally have the opportunity to make measurements on typical RF instruments. You will learn the differences in technology between bench-top and hand-held instruments and their different measuring applications.

True to our motto ‘come with questions, leave with answers’, we look forward to an interesting day and varied discussion with a practical focus. Are you already a user of Anritsu SPA and / or VNA technology? Do you have any questions? Bring your unit with you and we will work through any questions regarding application and measuring techniques.

Who Should Attend?

  • Career starters, or employees training in the field of RF and measuring technology
  • Technicians in the areas of antenna, BTS and radio link installation
  • Technicians and engineers who would like to refresh their knowledge on the topics of spectrum and network analysis


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Leading test resources

Attendees of Part 1 will receive a copy of Anritsu's book "Cable and Antenna Measurements"

64 page Guide to spectrum analysis

Attendees of Part 2 will receive a copy of the Guide to Understanding PIM

64 page Guide to spectrum analysis

Attendees of Part 3 will receive a copy of the Guide to Spectrum Analysis



Plus WIN a Leatherman

At each event a Leatherman Multi-purpose tool will be given away to one of the registered participants.

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