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Mobile World Congress 2014

Advanced LTE Test and Monitoring Systems at MWC 2014

envision : ensure - the Future of Mobile Technologies with Advanced Test & Monitoring

At MWC 2014 we will be showing a range of new and innovative test and monitoring solutions that support the very latest demands of LTE technology development and network deployment.

Test & Measurement

RTD: Accelerating LTE-Advanced Development -The Rapid Test Designer (RTD) solution is the most effective way to test LTE-Advanced devices during development. We show you how to rapidly create a test script to control the MD8430A LTE signalling tester. The tester simulates an LTE-Advanced base station which connects to a device and transfers data up to 300 Mbps. We demonstrate how RTD quickly confirms the correct operation of the device, using an example LTE-A device.

RTD: Enabling Advanced Broadcast Services - The RTD eMBMS solution is used to test the implementation of eMBMS based services on an LTE device. We show you how to rapidly create a test script to control the MD8430A LTE signalling tester with a simulated eMBMS server. The tester simulates an LTE base station which connects to an eMBMS enabled device, and the demonstration will establish an eMBMS session and confirm the signalling.

MD8475 – R&D: WLAN offloading Support of Cellular and WLAN in single test system - including authentication and mobility testing. The MD8475A is combined with a WLAN access point, and is able to provide the 3GPP specified authentication and access controls to provide a complete test environment for data throughput, mobility and authentication.

Smartphone Manufacturing Solutions MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set is able to test cellular - WLAN, Short Range Wireless, GPS, FM etc all in one box for high speed production, supporting 4 parallel test systems within 1 chassis. We will show a demonstration of high speed of manufacturing test of 4x smartphones (actual devices) in non-call processing mode.

Smartphone R&D OBT Solutions - The MT8820C One Box Tester is used for Cellular handset testing, supporting 2G/3G/LTE-A, TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000, all together in one box. This will be demonstrating the testing of carrier aggregation in commercial Smartphones using a commercially available device. This test system supports Carrier Aggregation (with 2 component carriers and 2x2 MIMO) to test RF and PHY parameters up to 300 MBps throughput.

LTE advanced


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Service Assurance

Anritsu provides service assurance solutions for multi network, multi-vendor, multi service and customer experience management on a scalable and near real-time platform. These solutions have capabilities such as network troubleshooting and near real time visibility of the packet layer usage through Advanced User plane analytics using DPI technology.

Multi-Network Assurance - Today’s subscribers expect seamless service between LTE and 2G/3G technologies. Add to the mix, HetNets, Wi-Fi offloading and “anytime, anywhere” services then you have a "Big Data" analytic need and things get even more challenging. Handsets select the best radio technology based on signal strength, user preferences and service availability. Even within single technology, e.g. UMTS, multiple networks need to work in harmony to establish a service. MasterClaw enables you to manage all your Voice/Data/SMS services from Radio to Core, including IMS for fixed/mobile convergence, and management of Roaming Partners and Interconnect routes. With MasterClaw’s end to end coverage, you will know the cause of a problem before you start to troubleshoot.

Service Classification & Metadata - The explosion of Mobile Broadband data continues to drive the need for CSPs to understand how the customers use their network. To assure the CSP’s applications and service access it is not enough to report, so metadata drill down is crucial to enable near real time management and marketing of new service offerings. Anritsu uses DPI and Network Intelligence technology to collect near real time information embedded in or generated by traffic flows and deliver this seamlessly to our analytical engine to analyse and categorise user plane traffic - providing advanced KPIs and network usage. Popular use cases are OTT applications and trends, smartphone utilisation and application take up. Understanding service usage and quality by factors such as age, gender, tariff, handset, location and many more support the decision making process for new services and infrastructure changes with revenue projections. Prioritising valuable engineering resources minimises revenue loss due to outages and service disruption with financial models built on real network traffic patterns.

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