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Mobile Interference Hunting System

With over 20 years leading the way in handheld testing Anritsu has a well earned reputation for superior measurements in not so superior conditions. learn more about the very latest handheld testing technology.

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An Easier Way to Track and Locate Interference

Interference from both illegal and unintentional signals is a significant problem for mobile service providers, security services, and government regulators. Interference can often degrade network performance, causing critical communications to be interrupted. Locating these sources of interference has traditionally been labor intensive and time consuming.

The Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System automates the interference hunting process. Multiple measurements are automatically taken and processed using the MX280007A software. Using mapping software resident on a Windows laptop/tablet, an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer and an omnidirectional antenna, directions and voice prompts are provided in this system to guide the driver to the source of interference.

Users will appreciate the flexibility of the Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System. When not employed on interference hunts, the spectrum analyzer can be re-purposed for a variety of other applications including signal quality analysis and coverage mapping. Portable off-theshelf magnet mount omnidirectional antennas provide the ability to easily target a variety of signals at a wide range of frequencies. With a less than 5 minute setup time and ease of use for one person operation, the Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System adds up to be the optimal solution for finding interference.

To learn more about the advantages of interference hunting, download Anritsu's new application note "RF Interference Hunting Techniques"


3 Keys: Simplifying Field Measurements

 With field testing becoming more complex, unlocking the full potential of a wireless network and meeting KPIs relies on making accurate measurements simply and quickly. easyTest Tools™ allows users to Create work instruction files on their PC, Deliver these files by e-mail, and then Display work instructions on the Site Master or Cell Master "E" series cable and antenna analyzers. These easyTest™ files provide step-by-step instructions for both the test setup and instrument operation.

  • Create - Experienced users can easily share their expertise with novices in the form of a measurement script. This allows conversation about the measurement, instead of getting bogged down in the details of button pushes.

  • Deliver - All setups, procedures, and images necessary are placed in one easyTest Tool (eTT) file, making distribution of current procedures simple and fast.

  • Display – Press an icon on the instrument menu and the procedure is underway. Setups are recalled automatically, images display hook-up instructions, prompts tell users what to do, and results are saved automatically. The easyTest functionality is available for the Cable and Antenna Analyzer mode for the Site Master (S331L, S331E, S332E, S361E, S362E and S820E) and Cell Master (MT8212E and MT8213E). It's also now available for Spectrum Analyzer mode on the Spectrum Master (MS2711E, MS2712E and MS2713E), Cell Master (MT8212E and MT8213E), and Site Master (S332E and S362E). Other models will be supported with future firmware releases.

    Test Tip

    If you simultaneously measure and display reflection and end-to-end loss using a USB sensor, the reflection measurement may be inaccurate if the USB sensor is connected at the end of the DUT. If the reflection measurement must pass a user-defined limit for sweep verification, replace the USB sensor with a precision calibration-grade termination at the end of the transmission system before judging and saving the measurement to eliminate erroneous results.

    Product Highlight

    LTE-Advanced CA Functionality added to BTS Master™

    The BTS Master™ MT8220T base station analyzer, which combines 30 analyzers in a single solution, now provides even more measurement capability. We have added LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation (CA) functionality to the rugged handheld field solution. With the new capability, the MT8220T can conduct key LTE-Advanced CA measurements for all active component carriers (CC) and display them simultaneously on the same screen, allowing users to quickly and accurately verify LTE-Advanced CA field installations.


    Recognizing the need for efficiency and simplicity, many LTE-Advanced CA measurements have been automated. For example, the BTS Master MT8220T automatically detects cyclic prefix configuration to simplify user setup and prevent measurement errors. Auto Range optimizes the analyzer configuration for each tuned CC to eliminate user intervention and increase measurement throughput. Automatic Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) detection enables remote over-the-air (OTA) MIMO verification for all CCs, as well as absolute and delta RS power measurements. Enhancements have also been made to the BTS Master MT8220T spectrum analysis and cable and antenna analysis capabilities.

    For more information, visit the BTS Master product page.


    Cell Master™ Brings Calming Effect to Alaskan Wild Site


    Alaska is known for its scenic sites. While that may be fine for vacationers, it's not always the best for wireless networks, nor those responsible for their operation. Just ask Patrick M., who had to endure sub-zero temperatures while repairing a site atop Gravina Mountain in the city-borough of Sitka. Thankfully, he had his Cell Master™ base station analyzer, whose portability and fast and accurate measurement capability kept Patrick calm in the wilderness.

    Patrick had to locate the cause of poor VSWR at the generator-fed site. Given the treacherous conditions, the last thing he needed was to spend hours troubleshooting to find the problem. With little information at his disposal, Patrick realized that he would have to test the entire line. Using his Cell Master handheld analyzer, he was able to quickly conduct Distance-to-Fault (DTF) measurements and locate the cause — a faulty connector — much faster than if he used another instrument.

    "The Anritsu saves me hours of troubleshooting and this time was no exception. I was able to sweep the lines and locate the faulty connector in no time. I could not imagine doing this job without it," said Patrick.

    It was only one of many projects in which the Cell Master has helped Patrick do his job. One key advantage is the ease of use of the analyzer. So, instead of spending countless time trying to locate the cause of network problems in temperatures below zero, he can quickly conduct tests with features such as FlexCal™ and InstaCal™ one-step calibration, as well as Line Sweep Tools. Plus, when you have to jump out of helicopters to get to sites such as the one in Sitka, the durability and compact design of Cell Master come in handy.


    Gravina Mountain

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