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Handheld Users Group - MT8220T

BTS Master - Packs more performance in a thinner lighter design

BTS Master™ Packs More Performance in Thinner, Lighter Design

Interference hunter

Anritsu Company continues to address the ever-changing field testing landscape with the MT8220T BTS Master, a multi-function handheld base station tester. The third generation of Anritsu’s field-proven BTS Master family, the MT8220T has improved performance in a thinner, lighter design. Combining a cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and internal power meter, the MT8220T BTS Master offers line sweeping, comprehensive signal analysis, ultra-sensitive spectrum analysis and sophisticated interference tracking in a compact handheld solution. It is also the only base station analyzer that features a standard GPS receiver with 2000-1760-R miniature active GPS antenna.


The cable and antenna analyzer two-port dynamic range is now >100 dB (typical 110 dB) over the key cellular frequency range of 400 MHz to 2800 MHz. Dynamic range is also enhanced to >90 dB between 2800 MHz and 4000 MHz, and >85 dB up to 6000 MHz. The built-in spectrum analyzer has enhanced sweep modes, including Fast, Performance, and No FFT.
A Burst Detect feature allows users to capture and analyze narrow transient interfering signals in a span up to 15 MHz, making direction finding and locating such signals much easier and faster. This simplifies
direction finding and signal locating, even if the duty cycle is <1%.

For more information, visit the BTS Master MT8220T web page.

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