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LTE Resources Guide

LTE Resources Guide

LTE is the first technology designed explicitly for the NGN and is set to become the de-facto NGN mobile access network standard. It takes advantage of the NGN's capabilities to provide an always-on mobile data experience comparable to wired networks. With the majority of major mobile carriers announcing plans to convert their networks to LTE the pace of development continues to increase.

Keep up with LTE with this 24 page guide, find out more about the technology behind the system and the test products available to get your next generation devices and networks up and running before your competitors.

In this complimentary guide you will learn more about:

  • Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC)
  • LTE network components and functions
  • LTE frame structure and bandwidth concepts
  • LTE uplink and downlink channels and signals
  • RRC states and Inter-RAT mobility (3GPP)
  • System information blocks, paging and security

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