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EuMW Workshops

Anritsu Workshops at EuMW 2015

Anritsu will be presenting five technology workshops at this years EuMW. Focusing on the latest in innovative test technology, the workshops will concentrate on Anritsu's leading Vector Network Analysis techniques and technologies.

The workshops take place on the 9th September in meeting room 101/102, level 1.

Visit Anritsu on Stand 305 to register.

1. Compact E-Band VNA with Reduced Complexity

Nonlinear transmission line technology enables compact millimeter-wave VNA architectures with enhanced performance and flexibility. We will discuss these architectures in the context of E-band measurements, and show that the resulting systems reduce complexity and enhance efficiency in a variety of measurement scenarios.

Start Time: 10:00
Length: 40 minutes

2. 5G Measurements using a VNA including Error-corrected Modulated Carrier Analysis

5G wireless systems will provide high data rate with maximized carrier efficiency. Ideally, measuring the efficiency of a 5G network system, subsystem, and components is best when a calibrated VNA can be used to analyze active devices stimulated by a modulated carrier. Modulation rates of 5G systems are expected to be 200 MHz and higher. This workshop describes how a modulated carrier signal with up to 200 MHz modulation rate can be captured by a calibrated VNA and provide corrected display of the frequency spectrum.

Start Time: 11:00
Length: 40 minutes

3. Measuring IMD Properties of Active Devices Using a High Performance IP3 Receiver for Improved Accuracy

Intermodulation distortion (IMD) has become an important measurement during the design of RF and microwave amplifiers. This workshop discusses the different configurations available in a VNA for setting up accurate IMD measurements, including the ability to perform single-connection S parameter and IMD measurements without the need for external sources or combiners.

Start Time: 13:00
Length: 40 minutes

4. Performing On-wafer 145 GHz 0.8 mm connector Differential VNA Measurements with a Single Connection

Differential devices are becoming more common as communication system demands and performance requirements continue to rise. This workshop discusses the different system architectures available for differential on-wafer measurements and the advantages of tightly integrated VNA architecture for improved system dynamic range and measurement stability.

Start Time: 14:00
Length: 40 minutes

5. ShockLine VNA based Planar Near-Field Measurement System (PNMS) systems

NFS measurement systems can be realized with relatively low material costs since they neither need as much room as a comparable far-field system nor require custom-made mirrors as this is the case for compact ranges. This workshop explains and benchmarks the general working principle of an inexpensive PNMS. We will discuss PNMS issues and weaknesses, and approaches to resolution.

Start Time: 15:00
Length: 40 minutes

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