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EuMW Workshops

Anritsu Workshops at EuMW 2014

Anritsu will be presenting five technology workshops at this years EuMW. Focusing on the latest in innovative test technology, four workshops will concentrate on Anritsu's leading Vector Network Analysis techniques and technologies. The final workshop will present the unique capabilities of the MS2830A highlighting how this solution simplifies the capture and replay of signals and allows simple automation.

The workshops take place on the 7th Oct in meeting room Minerva.

Visit Anritsu on Stand 107 to register.

1. The Best of Both Worlds: Benefits of the Anritsu Universal Power Sensor Architecture

This workshop will discuss benefits users can expect to receive when using an Anritsu power sensor with its unique universal sensor architecture. The architecture combines two RF power measurement techniques in one sensor. This enables users to quickly characterize their DUT with a CW signal then do a final average power measurement of their DUT in normal operation regardless of modulation type – all with one sensor.

Start Time: 10:00
Length: 40 minutes


2. Connecting the Dots: Connector Design, Performance and Care

Connectors are a critical part of the design and resulting performance of any microwave product. As a test and measurement company, Anritsu has been at the forefront of developing new designs of connector to cover increasing frequencies. These include firsts such as the K Connector® to 40 GHz and more recently a 0.8 mm coaxial connector to 145 GHz. Various types of coaxial connector will be reviewed with an assessment of their electrical and physical performance and general aspects of connector care will be discussed.

Start Time: 11:00
Length: 40 minutes


3. Taking the Pulse: Measurement Techniques for Radar System Applications

This workshop will describe how improved pulses S-parameter measurements can be made by use of innovative high-speed digitizer architecture. The session will conclude with a consideration of calibration methodologies relevant to pulse measurements and the associated uncertainties.

Start Time: 13:00
Length: 40 minutes


4. Expanding Waveguide Boundaries: Broadband Device Characterization from 70 kHz to 145 GHz

The proliferation of W band applications has created a demand for improved performance through more accurate device models. Until now, coaxial connector and VNA frequency limitations have prevented single sweep device characterization above 110 GHz using a vector network analyzer: This workshop will discuss the different industry-first developments that are included in the design of the VectorStar 145 GHz Broadband System.

Start Time: 14:00
Length: 40 minutes


5. Capture & Replay – An easy task with MS2830A Signal Analyzer

Using the VSG MS2830A Signal Analyzer for ATC test it is possible to replace obsolete instruments on the lab bench. Remote controlling the Signal Analyzer with LabView allows an automated Air traffic Control System signal capturing for production testing. It will be shown that this way of production testing offers time savings and reduces significantly the complexity of an overall ATC / IFF Interrogater measurement.

Start Time: 15:00
Length: 40 minutes

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