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Automotive Intelligent Transport System

Automotive - Intelligent Transport Systems
Automotive Test Solutions - Intelligent Transport Systems

Test and Measurement Solutions for Automotive Applications - ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) refers to all types of communication inside or outside the vehicle. In the connected car environment, there are several sensors that are communicating with other vehicles and the road, including lanes and signals. Current applications, known as C2C (Car to Car), V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) or V2X (Vehicle to X) include radar and eCall, but this will increase in the next few years as vehicles will be equipped with a higher number of sensors and driver aids.

Anritsu offers a complete set of instruments and compact software solutions to make M2M (Machine to Machine) testing easy and compliant with the latest ITS standards, as well as 802.11p.

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MD8475A Signaling Tester


MD8475AThe MD8475A is an all-in-one base station simulator supporting all cellular standards and M2M specific applications. It supports services as eCall, IMS, VoLTE, WLAN off-load tests and call-processing tests for smartphones which are now present on vehicles.

In addition, the time required to configure a test environment is greatly reduced by the easy-to-use GUI-based SmartStudio software, as well as supplied test sequences for automatic remote control of the GUI. All this will make M2M testing easy, quick and reliable

  • Supports multimode terminals and all cellular standards, including LTE (2x2 MIMO), LTE-Advanced (Carrier Aggregation).
  • SmartStudio GUI supports easy setup of test environments and functional tests.
  • Automated mobile terminal verification testing with test sequences.
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MS2830A Spectrum Analyzer


MS2830AThe MS2830A can be used for testing of 2G, 3G, LTE and LTE-Advanced signals on a vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-x test environment. It supports measurement of modulation and Tx characteristics, including adjacent channel leakage power and spectrum mask as well as spurious measurements requiring a wide dynamic range.

The capture and replay function can be used to better compare the real world effects with simulated designs and performance, which will ensure the product quality

  • 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz/43 GHz frequency range.
  • For wideband down-converter; built-in 1 GHz IF output band
  • Best-of-class wide dynamic range over 6 GHz.
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