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Service Assurance for Network Functions Virtualization

Delivering Real-time Insight

Anritsu’s market-leading Service Assurance solution, MasterClaw, now de-risks your migration to virtualization. The Anritsu vProbe is a cloud-ready solution enabling network operators to optimize and troubleshoot their virtualized networks. 
It is an integral part of the MasterClaw Customer Experience Assurance solution and can be seamlessly integrated with existing MasterClaw installations, giving a single, simplified and effective way to troubleshoot NFV deployments.
The vProbe can be deployed as a VNF on top of different cloud OSs including VMware vCloud NFV as well as OpenStack. It supports multiple deployment models including hybrid (PNF-VNF) solutions and can be customized to operator use cases.
Virtual networks such as virtual-VoLTE, virtual-VoWIFI, vEPC and vIMS can be easily monitored for both Control Plane and User Plane.
The solution is optimized for IP traffic capturing in virtualized environments, leveraging packet processing optimization technologies for x86 architectures, reducing the overhead introduced by the hypervisor layer and eliminating the need for purpose-built hardware accelerated packet processing.

Key Benefits

vProbe Benefits

  • Helps de-risk adoption of virtualized telecommunications networks by giving access to the right data, in the right tools and in real-time to all stakeholders in the operator’s planning, operations, and engineering teams.
  • Saves virtual infrastructure resources* (vCPU, RAM – CAPEX, power, cooling - OPEX) by utilizing industry-standard technologies such as DPDK.
  • Offers a complete correlated view (RAN to Core, PNF to VNF) of hybrid network deployments with the help of MasterClaw applications.
  • Helps save time and human resources (OPEX) in the OSS administration team by offering an orchestrated, resilient, horizontally scalable, and highly-available architecture (cloud-ready).

*Compared to VNFs not utilizing packet-processing acceleration technologies

Key Features

vProbe Features

Feature Description Benefits
Delivered as a VNF The Anritsu MasterClaw vProbe is a full-featured VNF that works alongside other VNFs and is orchestrated by the operator’s chosen MANO solution. Enables economies of scale when on-boarding VNFs
PDU Correlation and Call Data Record (CSDR) generation PDU Decoding, Correlation and Call data records creation for 2G, SIGTRAN (Voice, IN, etc.), GPRS, UMTS, LTE, IMS, VoLTE, VoWIFI, PCRF, and PCEF. Supports diverse network virtualization migration strategies
CSDR and PDU browsing Easy to browse historic data with eoFinder Browser, eoFinder Inspect and eoFinder Capture. Easy troubleshooting using state-of-the-art network troubleshooting tools
Optimized for packet processing The vProbe integrates a DPDK packet processing acceleration library to deliver outstanding Efficient use of virtual infrastructure resources with minimal overhead
Supports GRE tunnel termination Support for GRE tunnel termination enables interworking with visibility solutions such as virtualized TAPs Can work in tandem with virtual tap solutions
Cloud-Ready Architecture The vProbe uses a functional de-composed architecture for horizontal scaling, resilience, and high-availability. Optimal NFVI resources utilization simplified lifecycle management
Interoperability The vProbe VNF’s interoperability was rigorously tested by participating at all 3 ETSI Plugtest™ Events. Less time spent in Operator labs during the on-boarding phase
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