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Independent Software Testing Services

Custom Software Services - Testing


Having the highest quality applications leads to satisfied customers that in turn enhances your business reputation and ultimately your profitable success. It’s a common mistake of developers to squeeze software testing time in the urgency to get a product market. Our independent quality testing services make sure your products have the testing rigor they need to meet your own required standards.


Our multi-disciplinary team offers industry understanding and expertise in developing testing solutions:

Software quality testing

  • Functional testing
  • Integration / API testing
  • Performance / Load testing
  • Localization testing
  • UI/UX testing
  • Security testing
We are familiar with test automation tools and in order to reduce redundancy and ensure proper test coverage, we can automate particular parts of the testing process when appropriate, especially in case of complex software solutions.

Penetration Tests and Security Audits

Security has become the highest priority for all software developers to ensure customer safety and protection from unwanted intrusions or data being compromised. We offer a range of stand- alone service to compliment your own:

  • Penetration Tests - Web Applications or Intranet Penetrations Tests
  • Security Audits - Smartphone Security Audits, Local System Security Audits, SAP Security Audits, Web Security Audits.
  • Training - We can offer you tailored security training performed by experts in chosen area


Here are some examples of projects we have completed:

For one Austrian technology company who provide web based tool for reporting the condition of airport runways, we completed a thorough test of the source code from unit, integration and regression tests. We then moved on to GUI and XML/SOAP UI request testing. We also updated testing and requirements documentation, test cases and testing procedures.

In another project we supported a dictation device manufacturer with black-box testing of the devices and support utilities for the management and control. The testing focused new features in the device firmware written in C++ as well as baselining the status of the existing management software and targeting end user experience and functionality. Our team also worked as an outsourced acceptance testing facility for the customer.

We also have undertaken work in the financial sector with the development of testing service for one the internet banking application providers, which is supplied to a number of international banks. Using Selenium, the team built a testing framework to test the applications different multi-lingual process GUI’s across all the common environments (Operating System, Browser, etc.)

On the security front we worked with an embedded device manufacturer that has an accessible internal IP address. The purpose of our test regime was to perform overall configuration security and runtime security review for the deployed operating system (Linux) and services with a goal to reveal any security vulnerabilities and configuration issues.

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