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Driver/Amplifier ICs AG series

Driver/Amplifier IC

AG series

The AG2P65P is a small-sized, 28 Gbaud Quad EA modulator driver for 200/400 GbE.
It can be embedded in small form factor optical transceivers, such as QSFP.

Model Number Name Features
28Gbaud Quad Linear EA Driver 40pin QFN package: 7×4×2mm.
Output Bias-T included.
Baud rate: 28Gbaud
Power Consumption:≧0.3W/ch
AG4P18C-01 40 Gbit/s EA Driver Bit rate: ≧44.6 Gbit/s, output voltage: 2.0 Vp-p to 2.5 Vp-p
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