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Maximum accuracy: +/-0.5 mg

Anritsu develops all its products, including weighcells, in-house.
The results can be seen in the performance of electromagnetic force balance weighcells.

Bringing technologies and wisdoms together

Bringing technologies and wisdoms together
Built-in Multi-Lane Weighing System : Weighing unit

Weighcells, the symbol of Anritsu's originality, become possible only when everything that is required, including hardware, software, production technology, and frontline expertise, is in place. To achieve high speed measurement at the milligram-level accuracy, Anritsu has evolved by making continued efforts for design elaboration and repeating careful simulations, experiments and demonstrations. Anritsu’s weighing technologies over half a century is packed into its weighcells.

Dynamic weighing technologies deliver exceptional speed and accuracy

The key to high-speed, high-accuracy weighing is reducing vibration noise and improving response. Weighing accuracy declines with vibration noise generated by non-vertical load applied to the weighcell, which may be caused by dispersion of feeding position of product to be weighed.

Anritsu's weighcells have the optimal mechanism for dynamic weighing with improved rigidity due to elaborate analysis of loads in a vertical, horizontal, or torsional direction. Anritsu has also improved response of its weighcells by analyzing weighing vibration to eliminate unnecessary vibration noise because that mixed in weighing signals destabilizes the weight value, which declines processing capacity.

The weighcell that resistant to vibration noise
The weighcell that resistant to vibration noise

High stability

Obtained Class Ⅻ, the world’s highest standard of EU's Measuring Instrument Directive (MID)

Causes of a decline in weighing stability include a change in room temperature and thermal expansion caused by mechanism elements inside a weighcell. To comply with OIML R51 requirements, Anritsu conducted 3D CAD simulation analysis to halve weight value fluctuations caused by a change in room temperature, compared with its previous model. Anritsu also renewed signal processing to not only to quadruple output resolution compared with its previous model but also to improve rejection accuracy to achieve.

Measuring Instruments Directive defines several different classes according to the accuracy of measurement instruments. Anritsu KWS60 series checkweigher is the world's first checkweigher to obtain Class XⅡ, the highest standard ever achieved, with its superior weighing properties. Anritsu's new electromagnetic force balance scale has achieved the verification scale interval of e=0.05 g (3 to 100 g capacity).

Electromagnetic force balance weighcell
Rigid simulation of Weighcell
Rigid simulation of Weighcell
MID: Class XII

We disclose six facts that tell Anritsu's technologies.

Fact 1: Stably feed semi-locked capsules

Capsule Checkweigher

Stably feed semi-locked capsules

The shuttered magazine, unique shaped retention unit, and ejector allow stable feeding, even for lightweight semi-locked capsules that are difficult to handle, and achieve high-speed, high-accuracy weighing.

Fact 2: Unique handling technology

Tablets or Capsules Checkweigher based on sampling

Unique handling technology

Anritsu's tablets or capsules checkweigher suctions tablets or capsules one by one and put them on the weighcell at a certain interval to achieve highly accurate inspection. It is also designed to handle various shapes and sizes of products, such as tablets, capsules, or spherical Chinese medicine, without replacement of parts.

Fact 3: Minimum conveyor pitch 50 mm

Minimum conveyor pitch (Multi-Lane Checkweigher)

50 mm

Anritsu's small-sized electromagnetic force balance achieves not only the minimum conveyor pitch of 50 mm with proprietary expertise, structural analysis, and stress analysis simulation, but also the maximum accuracy of +/- 0.002 g with improved vibration resistance and a highly rigid structure.

Fact 4: Orally disintegrating tablet

X-ray control technology

Orally disintegrating tablet

Having a structure that allows effective use of low-intensity X-rays, Anritsu's X-ray inspection systems for pharmaceutical products can take high-contrast x-ray images of even pharmaceutical products through which X-ray penetrates easily, making highly sensitive inspection possible.

Fact 5: Conforming to CFR 21 Part 11

Conforming to CFR 21 Part 11

Only Anritsu in Japan

Anritsu's checkweighers supports authentication, audit trail, and data encryption and decryption, which CFR 21 Part 11 requires. Anritsu allows flexibility in software design because of in-house substrate production.

∗as of June 30, 2017

Fact 6: Magnetic reflection

Metal sensing technology

Magnetic reflection

Magnetic reflection is a unique detection method based on the principle of metals being magnetized, and invented to inspect metal contaminants inside aluminum packaging materials. Anritsu applied the method to inspect shortage or the number of package inserts printed with magnetic inks.

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