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Technical Note (For Pharmaceutical)

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High Precision Mass Inspection with Accuracy of ±0.5 mg* Achieved

January 2019

Anritsu's capsule checkweighers have achieved the industry's highest weighing precision* of ±0.5 mg. Here, we will describe the background as to why there is a demand for high precision mass inspections and also provide an explanation of the newly developed balance used in our capsule checkweigher.

* The highest weighing precision of ±0.5 mg is based on our survey results.

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Technical Note January 2019

Effect of X-ray Inspection on Pharmaceutical Products

November 2018

Cameras are commonly used for quality inspection of pharmaceutical products, but are you aware of X-ray inspection systems for the internal inspection of pharmaceutical products? X-ray inspection systems are preeminent in the inspection of non-transparent packaged drugs. However, we understand that many people are concerned about the effects of X-rays on the quality and/or physical properties of pharmaceutical products when they consider introducing such a system into their facilities. For this reason, we will discuss the effects of X-ray inspection on pharmaceutical products.

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Technical Note November 2018

> Technical Note (For general use)

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