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What is Algorithm for X-ray Inspection Systems?

Vol.9 December, 2015

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.9 December, 2015Have you heard the word "algorithm"? You may have heard of algorithm but most of you may never handle it by yourself and leave it to your serviceperson. This paper explains what algorithm is as well as both advantages and disadvantages of finding different algorithms.


Checkweighers' Double Product Error and Improved Productivity

Vol.8 June, 2014

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.8 June, 2014When using a checkweigher, you may have experienced a sudden occurrence of a double product error. Frequent double product error can decrease productivity. This paper will focus on the error and propose a solution.


Quality Control with the Use of Checkweighers

Vol.7 July, 2013

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.7 July, 2013The primary purpose of a checkweigher is to measure the weight of products and reject unacceptable under or overweight products. In addition to measuring product weight, checkweighers can be also used for quality control purposes. This paper introduces how to improve the quality of your product using a histogram.


Checkweigher and weighing accuracy

Vol.6 September, 2012

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.6 September, 2012A checkweigher is widely known as an automatic machine that che cks the weight of items as they pass through a production line. Y ou may have one at your facility but if yours is not appropriate for your production line, it may undermine producti on efficiency. There are various technical parameters for a checkweigher including weighing rang e, conveying capacity, measurement accuracy and scale interval, among which this paper explains measurement accuracy along with basic functions of a checkweigher.


Phase and Auto Tracking - Countermeasures Against False Detection Vol.3 -

Vol.5 May, 2012

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.5 May, 2012Technical Note Vol.4 took up product effect as a factor contributes to false detection of metal detector, and introduced Auto-Tracking function of Anritsu duw metal detector, which prevents false detection by compensating for phase shift caused by product effect. This issue will explain what phase is all about and how Auto-Tracking function works on phase.


Tips for Effective Use of Metal Detectors - Countermeasures Against False Detection Vol.2 -

Vol.4 January, 2012

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.4 January, 2012Last time we introduced factors in external environment that affect metal detector performance. This time we feature another factor, product effect.


Tips for Effective Use of Metal Detectors - Countermeasures Against False Detection -

Vol.3 August, 2011

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.3 August, 2011Metal detectors are the most commonly used equipment for contaminant detection. Yet many users face "false detection". In this issue we explain the causes and solutions of "false detection".


Usage of Metal Detector and X-Ray Inspection System Together Recommended

Vol.2 June, 2011

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.2 June, 2011Metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems are widely used for contaminant inspection. Is a metal detector alone sufficient enough? Can an x-ray inspection system detect all types of contaminants? Let's see how these two systems detect contaminants.


X-ray Inspection System Bulk Product Inspection

Vol.1 February, 2011

Technical Note (For general use) Vol.1 February, 2011Bulk product inspection by x-ray inspection systems are always receiving significant attention in exhibitions. How is this system different from others? What products are ideal for the inspection? Let us explain the outline and look at the possibilities.


> Technical Note (For Pharmaceutical)

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