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Banner image of Various Checkweighing Solutions

Anritsu has a wide range of checkweighing solutions. Here, we will introduce Anritsu's market-specific machines specializing in inspection products that cannot be handled by ordinary conveyor transportation, such as capsules, tablets, aerosol cans, and small-diameter bottles.

Capsule Checkweigher

Each capsule is weighed and sorted with maximum accuracy of ± 0.5 mg, which is the highest rank in the industry. It is compatible with capsule size 000 to 5, and the number replacement parts can be attached and detached without using tools.

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Capsule Image of Anritsu Capsule Checkweigher for Capsules

Checkweigher for Tablets / Capsules

Tablets or capsules are put into the parts feeder of this unique and compact-sized Checkweigher and weighed one by one with maximum accuracy of ± 1 mg. The products are then sorted in the three directions: good, overweight, or underweight according to the tolerance setting.
*This product is available in Japanese market only as of June 2021.

laboratory sampling Image of Anritsu Tablet/Capsule Checkweigher for laboratory sampling

Checkweigher for aerosol cans

Anritsu's unique handling technology enables stable transport of aerosol cans. High-speed production is possible with a weighing accuracy of ± 10 mg.
*This product is available outside European region as of June 2021.

aerosol cans Image of Checkweigher for aerosol cans

Checkweigher for small diameter bottles

This specialized Checkweigher enables stable transportation and high-precision weighing of small-diameter bottles such as eye drops and cosmetics that easily fall over.

small diameter bottles Image of Checkweigher for small diameter bottles

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