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Visualization of Production Lines with QUICCA | Anritsu Web Exhibition

header image of Visualization of Production Lines with QUICCA


With QUICCA3, Overall Quality Management and Control System, visualization of your production line can be easily achieved. QUICCA3 automatically records inspection results and operation history, and displays real-time details for each machine. QUICCA3 can help improve efficiency and effectiveness of your quality control system.

image of QUICCA software

Application example: Stabilize weight of molding

Issue: Cannot adjust filling amount properly.

Patties for hamburgers are formed on a molder with two lanes. Because we can’t accurately measure variation in the lanes it’s difficult to coordinate the amounts to mold. Could mold amounts be better controlled by reducing this variation?

image of burger patties production

How can QUICCA help?

QUICCA creates weight histograms for each lane based on all data obtained from checkweighers.
Combined graphs are displayed on a single screen so that variation can be easily detected.

image of weight histogram on QUICCA

Application Example: Practical use of OEE

Issue: Can't decide whether to upgrade the production equipment or leave it as it is.

Production can’t keep up with increasing orders.
Would keeping of existing equipment work?
Or should lines be upscaled by adding equipment?

image of a production manager's ideas

How can QUICCA help?

QUICCA displays OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). With OEE reports, you can gain an accurate understanding of overall production efficiency.

image of OEE charts and how the plant manager use the info


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