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Traceability Solution with QUICCA | Anritsu Web Exhibition

header image of Traceability Solution

What is inspection traceability?

ID for individual identification is printed on the packaging of products. Product ID and its inspection results obtained from the x-ray inspection system, metal detector, and checkweigher are linked and stored in the PC. Inspection result can be traced by reading the ID, providing a complete inspection history of a specific product when handling customer complaints.

Image of product ID and inspection results

What is invisible marking?

This system prints ID by using a special ink that is invisible to the human eye. A code will appear when applying UV light. With this special ink, the product ID can be printed on the packaging suface or the label without degrading the design.

image of ultraviolet light

Instant search

By scanning/inputting a unique product ID, you can search the correspondent inspection records immediately.
Please watch the following videos which will help you understand how the system works.


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