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SSV series Checkweigher | Web Exhibition

Main visual of SSV series Checkweigher

Anritsu’s SSV checkweighers deliver an ideal blend of accuracy and reliability in an extremely compact package. Their common interface with our x-rays and metal detectors simplifies usage across Anritsu equipment.


With accuracy as low as ±0.01g, quoted at 3σ at speeds up to 600 products/min, the SSV delivers top performance and productivity.


With eight generations and 85,000 installations worldwide since 1964, Anritsu checkweighers are engineered for decades of dependable use.

Fully Featured:

Anritsu checkweighers include easy-to-use touch screens, USB, Ethernet, programmable I/O, full statistics, and auto-learn wizard.

Compact Footprint:

Checkweighers start at just 545mm (21.5 inches) long, perfect for lines that are tight on space.


  • Small footprint
  • Open construction—easy to clean
  • Tool-free belt removal
  • Common software with all SSV models
  • 9 display screens
  • Auto-wizard product setup
  • Guided operation
  • 200 product presets
  • Smart Measurement Function (SMF)
  • Reporting, history logs and auditing
  • Performance audit
  • USB and Ethernet
  • Free USB software upgrades

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Combination System (Metal Detector & Checkweigher)

Main visual 1 of Combination System


The combo merges Anritsu’s highly regarded SSV checkweigher and dual-frequency M6 metal detector on a single frame with unified controls.
The metal detector is fully integrated with no additional boards to fail. The unified display/interface gives one point to run HACCP checks and pull data.


With checkweigher accuracy as low as ±0.01g at 3σ, speed up to 400 products/min, and simultaneous dual-frequency metal detection, Anritsu combos deliver top performance and productivity.


Anritsu checkweighers and metal detectors have proven dependability with over 150,000 installations worldwide since 1964

Small Footprint:

Anritsu combos are one of the industry’s most compact combination systems.


A combo costs far less than separate checkweigher and metal detector while fitting in the space of just one machine.


Patented signal processing and advanced engineering provide superb resistance to environmental interference, noise and vibrations.


Horizontal or vertical metal detector, IP30 or IP66 washdown, and numerous head sizes and belt widths.


  • Simultaneous dual-frequency metal detection
  • Easy product setup wizard
  • USB & Ethernet data output
  • Tool-free fast belt removal
  • Smart Measurement Function (SMF)
  • 200 product presets
  • Guided troubleshooting & diagnostics
  • Quick warm-up
  • Unified interface & controls
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Minimum system length of 775 mm

Combined premium inspection solutions with the most compact footprint.

Photo of XR75 Hopper


SSV series Checkweigher

Multi-Lane Checkweigher

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