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M6h series Metal Detector | Anritsu Web Exhibition

Main visual of M6h Metal Detector

Anritsu metal detectors are precision engineered for dependable everyday performance in real-world production environments. Standard dual-frequency technology provides outstanding detection for a wide range of products, packaging and contaminants.


Anritsu’s simultaneous dual-frequency technology has outstanding ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection within a broad range of food and pharmaceutical/nutraceutical products and packaging.


Anritsu metal detectors are designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan with rigorous attention to quality, detail and safety.


Patented Advanced Signal Processing minimizes product effect for the best contaminant detection. The detection heads are resistant to environmental interference, noise and vibrations.


The industry’s smallest dual-freqency system is perfect for tight lines, especially when configured as a combo with integrated checkweigher.


  • Simultaneous dual-frequency technology
  • Easy product setup wizard
  • 200 product presets
  • Common user interface with SSV checkweighers and XR75 x-ray
  • Tool-free fast belt removal
  • Automatic belt tensioning (IP66)
  • Guided troubleshooting & diagnostics
  • Quick warm-up
  • USB & Ethernet data output
  • Data options: OPC-UA, EtherNet/IP, QUICCA3
  • FOCUS function optimizes detection

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M6-h Series Metal Detector (Video)

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A tip to achieve the best detection performance

Anritsu recommends choosing a right size of detector head that is close to the product size to achieve the highest detection sensitivity.
That's why Anritsu provides Metal Detectors with a wide range of aperture size. Please call us for a product test to find the best suited model for your application.

Product lineup of Anritsu Metal Detector

Selection of optimal transport form

In general, the product after being packaged are conveyed at a constant speed and inspected by passing through the detector head. In addition to the standard conveying mode, we offer a slope mode, and a drop mode for a product before being packaged.

Image of different transport forms

New Product! Metal Detector for tablet products

The product is rolled on the surface of the slope and inspected by passing through the detector head. It is suitable for tablets/capsule shaped products after processed by a tableting/capsulation machine.

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