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Select the best weighing method for your application

Anritsu Clean Cup Scale is ideal for weighing wet products such as kimchi, meat, vegetable, etc.
Here, we introduce its unique combination weighing methods.

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Mechanical structure and operation overview

Clean Cup Scale comes with many cups that connect to the scale (weighcell). Ingredients are loosed on a working table before being transferred to a cup. Clean Cup Scale weighs as soon as they are transferred to the cup. Then, the optimum product combination is selected according to the target value. It is an ideal inspection solution for weighing difficult-to-handle sticky and wet products. Learn more on the video below.

Select the best weighing method for your application.

Clean Cup Scale offers three types of weighing method -"Single-Weigh", "Mix-Weigh", and "Twin-Weigh".

"Single-Weigh" method (Standard solution)

It is the best weighing method for a single ingredient.

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"Mix-Weigh" mode for two items to be weighed simultaneously.

Two different ingredients such as radish and lettuce are simultaneously weighed. Target weight for right and left block are set differently depending on the product. Ingredients are then mixed as the product. This is called mix weighing method.

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"Twin-Weigh" mode for high speed weighing

One item can be weighed at high speed by using mix weighing method. Left and right blocks perform the same when weighing ingredients.

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You can also select models with which both Mix-Weigh and Twin-Weigh functions are available.

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