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About Anritsu Infivis | Web Exhibition

Founded in 1895 Anritsu group is a billion-dollar global powerhouse with a legacy of innovation and meticulous engineering in electronics, telecom and testing.
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Corporate Building

Since its first Checkweigher in 1964, Anritsu Infivis has grown into one of the largest inspection system providers in the world. Anritsu inspection solutions are designed to inspect a wide range of food, pharmaceutical, and otherproducts. Our equipment and solutions are used all over the world to ensure product safety and quality.
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Number of machine installation Bird’s eye view of Anritsu HQ

Anritsu Infivis is committed to SDGs. As for Product Inspection category, our focuses are Goal 9 and 12. We will continuously develp innovative and high precision inspection equipment to reduce food loss. Also, by automating and visualizing food/pharmaceutical production lines with our advanced solutions, we help to achieve stable and sustainable food/pharmaceutical supply.

Our Solutions (Product Inspection)

SDGs 9 & 12

Anritsu Group ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

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